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New Paper Published by Dr Lis Bates


A new paper on honor-based abuse (HBA) in England and Wales was published on 01 September 2020 by CPRL Senior Research Fellow Lis Bates.

The paper draws on police and victims' NGO data to profile nearly 1500 victims and perpetrators of HBA, and draws lessons for policing and other services.
The paper abstract is below

Key findings are presented from an empirical study profiling 1,474 cases of honor-based abuse (HBA) known to police and victim services in England and Wales.Thematic and quantitative (regression) analyses were used to investigate whether and how HBA differed from other forms of domestic abuse and forced marriage. A new typology of HBA is proposed, based principally on the relationship(s) between victim and perpetrator(s). Interpreted within an overarching lens of gender-based violence, it is argued that Type 1 (partner abuse) and Type 3 (partner plus family abuse) are culturally specific forms of domestic abuse, whereas Type 2 (family abuse) is distinct.

The full paper can be accessed here

Lis can be contacted here



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