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PhD Research

Here you can find information about some of the ongoing research that the PhD students connected to the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership are undertaking. These projects are all at different stages and give a flavour of both the breadth of the centre's focus and the different aspects of carrying out PhD research.

As some of these contributions were gathered during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a number of the PhD researchers reflect on what this disruption has meant for their work.

The information provided represents a snapshot of the research at the time it was produced, for more up to date information about each of the individual projects please get in touch with us.

This photo shows a lush, green rainforest. The sky is blue behind it with whisps of clouds but the light suggests to the viewer that a storm may soon be coming

Lindsey Elliot

Lindsey's research explores how we can enhance collaboration in conservation.

Kay Logan

Kay's research investigates leadership ethics with voluntary sector practitioners as part of leadership learning clubs (LLCs).

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash - photo shows a team of colleagues in a meeting, using a whiteboard covered in post-it notes

Ronald Macintyre

Ronald looks at the Voluntary Sector and how to create, assess and evidence public and social value.

Gavin Myers

Gavin's research explores the Caribbean Diaspora organisations in the United Kingdom and the role Identity plays in how they collaborate.

Toronto: SOS by Ann Hirsch & Jeremy Angier - 25 figures cling to inner tubes on the water, each figure represents more than one million refugees in the world.

Sally Vivyan

Sally's research looks at leadership practice in asylum seeker and refugee charities.

This photo shows a group of women who all work at Microsoft in a meeting around a table

Lindsay Wilson-Jones

Lindsay's research explores power-sharing in the boardroom.

Previous students

Dr Daniel Haslam

Daniel's research focuses on the voluntary sector and in particular how the sector works in collaboration with other organisations.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash - image shows a food bank

Cristina Mititelu

Cristina's interests are in the Public Services Act 2012, local authorities and voluntary sector organisations.

Photo by Edvin Johansson on Unsplash - it shows a group of students speaking

Akash Puranik

Akash's research explores the 'human work' of collaboration.