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Account requests

Social media accounts representing the university need to be approved. Please ensure active accounts are considered/utilised before new ones are set up.

An application for a new OU social media account should encompass the following:

  • A clear business case for use and demonstrate a gap (e.g no other existing account could support the content).
  • Evidence the target audience in on this channel, e.g Twitter, and a plan to grow the audience and ensure it's targeting the right audience.
  • A process for monitoring and posting to the channel, dealing with enquiries and understanding of the social media policy. Ability to demonstrate how you are targeting an audience not yet reached by an existing OU social channel.

For existing accounts, the above points should be addressed, as well as: success metrics to demonstrate if the account is working or not (some accounts start up, don’t make an impact and are left to flounder). These accounts should be removed. Before you submit an account request Wondering which social channel (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.) is right for you? Before you submit an account request, please consider your intended audience and ask yourself the following questions: Is the amount of work required worth the impact? What other channels are available to reach your audience? Who will manage the account and what experience do they have? How will you measure the success of this account?

How to submit an account request

To submit an account request, complete the account request form detailing as much information as possible. Please give at least one month’s notice; it can take up to four weeks for the decision to be reviewed. Send the form to Following receipt of the fully completed form, SMET will review your submission and may come back to you offering recommendations or requesting further information. Allapplications are considered by the Social Media Engagement Team (SMET) and rubber-stamped by Marcomms Senior Leadership Team. Please note: If you’re linked to a Faculty or Nation, please consult the relevant comms team before submitting an account request.

Retrospective approval

If you need approval for an account which is already live, please follow the steps above but state that the account is already “active” and include a link. Please note: In some circumstances, the team may ask for the account to be deactivated.