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Social media policies

Social media policy for staff

This policy covers:

  • Private use of social media by staff
  • Advice regarding the creation and oversight of official University social media accounts
  • The publication of commentary by staff (including internal staff, consultants and others working for or on behalf of the University) relating to the University on any social media network, including The Open University’s official and unofficial channels, public or closed/private social media networks and groups.

Social media policy for staff: Read the policy here.

Social media policy for students

This policy applies to you if you use social media in relation to your Open University studies or as a member of The Open University, including The Open University’s official and unofficial channels, and public or closed / private social media networks. Throughout this policy, when we say ‘student’, we mean that the policy applies to you from the point you register on your first course, module, microcredential or qualification, or your apprenticeship programme throughout your time as an Open University student, including any time spent on approved study breaks or between modules. This policy relates to behaviour on all forms of social media where you are interacting with Open University students or staff or are referring to The Open University.

This policy covers:

  • The expectation that you will treat others with respect
  • The sort of material and information that should not be posted on social media sites
  • Keeping yourself safe online
  • The use of official Open University and Open University Students Association name, logo and crest
  • Your responsibility to manage your own behaviour online in private groups how to report behaviour that breaches this policy
  • How The Open University will handle breaches of the policy.

Social media policy for students: Read the policy here.