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A female professional writes on a large piece of white paper stuck to a glass wall. There are post-it notes and lots of ideas written there. The image suggests she is in an ideas-sharing meeting.

The Executive Education team based in the OU Business School works with clients to design bespoke, high quality, flexible, accessible corporate programmes and learning interventions.

We provide these either as part of a supported and secure online environment or by blending online and offline support.

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The Open University has been inspiring people to be their best, confident selves for over 50 years through widening access to learning and professional development. We apply our world-leading pedagogy, research and scholarship to produce a range of professional development opportunities that allow individual leaders to create their own learning pathways.

We exist to help you to fulfil your potential and achieve your ambitions. In the 1970s Studs Terkel wrote that work was about:

A search for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor; in short a sort of life rather than a Monday through Friday sort of dying

As a leader, manager or learning and development professional, you have a vital role to play in creating the conditions for yourself and others to thrive at work. Leading, supporting and motivating yourself and others to achieve their potential is perhaps one of the most rewarding jobs there is. It takes skills, judgement, knowledge and practice to be successful and we are here to provide all these.

We will help you fulfil your purpose, be effective and develop a learning culture that encourages fulfilment, achievement, purposeful endeavour and success.

Working in Collaboration

We work with talented academics and innovative learning designers, industry partners and expert practitioners and most importantly, in collaboration with our clients, to co-create sustainable learning solutions that work for their context. We work with you to leverage all the best we can collectively offer to deliver on the outcomes you require. 

Values and Purpose Driven

We aspire to demonstrate The Open University’s values in all we do. Being inclusive and promoting social justice is part of who we are. We seek to innovate through research and development of our interventions and be responsive to the needs of individuals and employers by being dedicated to supporting their success. We even make substantial areas of our curriculum available for free.

We believe that today and tomorrow’s leaders need to be multifaceted and enabled to tackle those knotty problems prevalent in today's business world. One way to encourage better solutions is to take an interdisciplinary view of understanding challenges and using this to find a way forward. You can watch some short videos that explain how we think diversity, versatility and the increased perspective that an interdisciplinary approach can help to harness creativity, innovation and drive performance.

Next steps

Contact the Executive Education team to help you find the right programme or combination of programmes for you or your organisation:


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