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130+ Value Types Wheel for sustainability, business & innovation

In this blog, Mike Pinder (an associate of Executive Education) explains how to use specific value types within new business creation. 

25th April 2022
Young people chatting at a table around laptops

Creating Cultures of proactive mutual support

John Bull is Director & Lead for High Performance research at Management Futures. Here, you can read his article Collaboration: the key to success for teams, organisations and society as a whole?

6th April 2022

The Value of Nudge - to make change and improve choice

In this article Liz Moody and Hilary Collins, Senior Lecturers in management, discuss the concept of “Nudge” which is increasingly at the heart of how organisations and governments attempt to shape consumer and citizen behaviour.

3rd December 2021
Signpost - who, what =, where, when

Adapting for the future of work

Dr Hilary Collins, Senior Lecturer with Executive Education, explores the synergy between Dr. Volker Patent’s and colleagues' whitepaper which examines the role of HR in steering employees and organisations through future disruption on the horizon, and Executive Education's new short course provision.

22nd November 2021
Collaboartion three people turning cogs in sync

Sustainability oriented innovation- the value of communication and collaboration with stakeholders

Dr Hilary Collins, Senior Lecturer with Executive Education , discusses the importance of collaboration with stakeholders within sustainability oriented innovation, explaining how in times of crisis this can result in a more resilient business model.

1st November 2021
Image of small boat

What role could financial services play in increasing social mobility?

Liz Moody, Jerome Monne and Professor Janette Rutterford have co-authored a paper which highlights how many financial services products, policies and practices currently work against social mobility for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the UK and beyond. “Does a rising tide lift all boats?”

28th October 2021
Coach and coachee sitting at a table talking. Image slightly blurred

Helping by Talking - Blurring the boundaries of coaching as a manager

In this blog Director of Executive Education, Liz Moody, explores some of the skills, techniques and abilities of managers who may now benefit from using skills and techniques associated with “helping by talking” and some of the dilemmas they may face.

12th October 2021
Family looking in a light shop window while dark outside

Curiosity in a Lockdown

Director of Executive Education, Liz Moody, revisits the concept of Curiosity while living through the pandemic. Has our sense of curiosity changed in lockdown? What might be the causes and effects?

23rd April 2021
A group of professionals sit around a table with a colleague joining them remotely online.

Employee Engagement – Post Covid-19

Liz Moody, Director of Executive Education, reflects on how the pandemic has changed people's working practices. Will the option of socialising and returning to a new mode of working outweigh the convenience of working from home for those with that option?

2nd March 2021
A woman watches something on her Mac Book. She looks relaxed on a sofa

In their words – the experience of teaching during a pandemic

Drawing on a series of narratives from academic staff, researcher Hilary Collins traces the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the practice and experience of teaching. This article was published on 6 October 2020 in WONKHE.

6th October 2020

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