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CREATE: Developing strategy to combat uncertainty

The 21st century has brought about new macro trends. 

On the one hand, we have seen an unprecedented growth in new information technologies with progress in cloud computing and digital innovations uncovering multiple opportunities of a new phenomenon—a shared economy. For example, opportunities such as virtual working and learning have made employment and education more accessible and inclusive. Likewise, opportunities such as online platforms have allowed new ways of connecting customers and buyers in transport, hospitality, retail, and travel industries (e.g. online booking and delivery systems) .  

On the other hand, we have seen an increase in number and scope of external shocks putting lives of communities at risk across the globe. (Un)natural disasters, epidemics and the recent pandemic Covid-19 are such examples.

How can we cope with these challenges? This is a critical question we need to ask at individual, organizational and institutional levels. 

The course investigates this question by exploring the role of strategies in building resilience to challenges many individuals and organizations face in modern reality. An emphasis is made on a strategy creation, and, in this course, you will learn what a strategy is, who can be a strategist and how you can develop a strategic mindset needed not only to adapt to the new conditions in our lives but also to make sense and, most importantly, to avail ourselves of emerging opportunities.    

By the end of this course, you will be able to contribute to the creation of strategies which could enable greater organisational resilience.

Unfortunately this course is temporarily unavailable. Please check back on Study at the OU in early 2023 when it will be back online


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13th September 2022
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