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CREATE: Managing a budget

The aim of this short course is to enable managers to use financial techniques in managerial decision-making and to become more confident about dealing with finance professionals in their organisation.

The content of this short course is a ‘financial toolkit’ to help you, as a manager, in your workplace. The emphasis is on how you use financial ideas in managerial decision making in your workplace. Throughout the course you will hear from a variety of managers, from different backgrounds, talking about how they use these financial ideas. You will also get the chance to practise these ideas during the course using activities, spread sheets and quizzes.

At first sight finance ideas may appear daunting, so please use your learning adviser for support whenever you need. Your learning adviser will help you plan your work-based activity (WBA) and answer any questions that you have about any aspect of the course.

We hope you enjoy all the financial activities of the course and enjoy seeing how to apply financial ideas to become a more effective manager

Unfortunately this course is temporarily unavailable. Please check back on Study at the OU in early 2023 when it will be back online


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Temporary unavailability of some courses until early 2023 due to platform upgrade

13th September 2022
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