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Foundations of UK immigration law (OISC level 1)

This course is around 60 hours duration and has 14 short units of study covering the exam syllabus as detailed in the OISC Level 1 Exam Resource Book and includes the necessary skills, knowledge and links to relevant sources of law on the topic concerned. The learning materials contain a combination of opportunities to self-asses your progress, for example, with explanations, videos, self-test quizzes, assignments and sample test questions.

Having studied the course and completed the activities you will have gained knowledge of the:
  • structure and sources of immigration law, including the framework of the immigration legislation
  • procedure for making applications under the Immigration Rules
  • structure and operation of the Immigration Rules
  • scope for applications outside the rules
  • appropriate application forms, fees and supporting documentation
  • types of immigration decision that may be made in an individual’s case dependent upon the stage of the entry or expulsion process that they have reached
  • personnel and terminology relating to immigration law

The course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to study at your own pace. Each unit has a final consolidation activity, enabling you to self-assess your own progress and contains tips to prepare for the OISC Level 1 Examination.

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