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START: Behavioural insights for the future of work

During this short course, we will be aiming to further your understanding of how and why people interact with each other in different ways in the workplace. We will explore how they contribute individually and collectively to the successful working of organisations. We will also seek to enhance your communication skills through these insights and look at how your own motivations and behaviours interact with those of others.

We will explore the value of appreciating different identities and diversities in the workplace and focussing on the individuals and combinations of individuals that are behind the roles in a workplace. 

This might mean a change of focus to consider people at the heart of organisations rather than perhaps what might be considered as ‘human resources’ by headcount or professional skills from the organisational perspective. We explore how individuals, groups and teams contribute to successful organisational outcomes, using a mix of established theories and models in combination with new insights.

Unfortunately this course is temporarily unavailable. Please check back on Study at the OU in early 2023 when it will be back online

Once you have read the introductory material, we will look at behaviour at work on an individual level before exploring behaviour in teams and groups. If this topic interests you further and you want to consider more strategic aspects of organisational behaviour, you might consider our meso level short course, CREATE: Organisational behaviour in the future of work 


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Temporary unavailability of some courses until early 2023 due to platform upgrade

13th September 2022
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