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START: Collaboration for the future of work

In our complex, fast moving, rapidly changing world, it is rarely the case that one individual or a small group of individuals has the answer to a complicated challenge. Most of us depend on colleagues to share their knowledge and ideas, and to work with us to meet the needs of our end users and customers. Whether you work in the service sector, manufacturing, the public sector, the not-for-profit world, or any other kind of employment, you are likely to find it important to develop your skills of collaboration. 

Organisations in which collaboration is part of the operating culture tend to be more resilient and able to make the most effective use of the talents of their people. Many organisations collaborate beyond their own boundaries, forming partnerships of various kinds to leverage different skills, knowledge, and experience. These can be particularly useful in addressing the challenges of the modern, technologically enabled, world.

In this short course you will be encouraged to watch a number of videos that illustrate collaboration in practice. You will also be encouraged to read a sample of relevant case studies that illustrate how powerful collaboration can be. You will be presented with some specific skills and behaviours that will increase the probability of successful collaboration in your working life.

You will also have opportunities to consider your own approach to collaboration, and how you might become an even more effective colleague in terms of collaboration, and hence improve your overall levels of performance.

Unfortunately this course is temporarily unavailable. Please check back on Study at the OU in early 2023 when it will be back online


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13th September 2022
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