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START: Design thinking in the digital era

Design thinking is a discipline which everyone can learn. It was originally created to use the processes and methods of designers to understand people’s needs and then create a solution for products and services that is technologically feasible. This method can be extended into organisational needs and reflected in a viable business strategy which could convert into customer value and market opportunity.

Design thinking balances business problems with creative techniques. It applies and embraces both structure and chaos, and utilises intuition and logic. The adoption of design thinking in business organisations recognises the value of design's capability to enhance innovation within organisations and is helping designers and managers improve collaboration.

People from different disciplines find they can collaborate to solve ‘wicked problems’ and undertake complex projects by working through an iterative process that is abductive, meaning that you can make a probable conclusion from what you know; inquiring and value-driven. This is an innovative process which has a focus: the way people create ideas and solve problems. This ‘decision-making’ side of innovation is referred to as ‘design’

Unfortunately this course is temporarily unavailable. Please check back on Study at the OU in early 2023 when it will be back online


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13th September 2022
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