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START: Storytelling for the future of work

We expect you’ll be familiar with the generic term 'storytelling' as it is something we experience from when we are tiny babies and throughout our whole lives. What you might not have yet considered is that stories are an integral part of social and organisational life, and understanding the purposes they are used for and what they can achieve can help your professional development.

This course will take you on a learning journey to consider aspects of storytelling at personal, organisational, and social levels. You’ll learn some key techniques and terminologies around considering stories normatively and critically, as well as seeing how organisations put them to work to help support their objectives. We will show you how stories can be used as a source of competitive advantage, as well as to support individuals as they navigate the structures and conventions of society.

During the course you’ll watch a number of videos that illustrate how storytelling might go on in a workplace and be able to explore the ideas in supporting text and exercises. You’ll see how an individual became a successful job applicant and started work, and how storytelling contributed. Whatever your job role, you should find some useful insights for how storytelling can help you work more effectively, either through telling your own stories or hearing and evaluating those of others.

Unfortunately this course is temporarily unavailable. Please check back on Study at the OU in early 2023 when it will be back online



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13th September 2022
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