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Corporate Programmes and Learning Solutions

The Open University is a global distance learning university delivering high-quality online modules and degree programmes.

As the largest university in the UK, the OU offers a range of non-accredited learning which comprises short courses and a range of wrap-around services for groups of learners. Executive Education leverages OU expertise in order to provide bespoke learning solutions that fit your needs, budget, required scale and preferred mode(s) of delivery.

We’re here to help you fulfil your purpose, be effective and develop a learning culture that encourages fulfilment, achievement, purposeful endeavour and success.

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Corporate Professional Development (CPD) for Individuals

We have developed a range of short self-study and supported online courses based on our understanding of the skills that leaders and managers need to deal with increasing uncertainty and the pace of change in organisations. These are suited to those who are either new to management or those who need to refresh their knowledge and skills. 

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Corporate Programmes and Learning Solutions

Our clients frequently seek ways to deliver high quality, consistent learning for large groups of managers. Whether in teams or dispersed across departments, business units and even time-zones, we can offer a secure and consistent platform and learning experience at scale comprising:

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Online content

A range of existing online learning materials covering topical leadership, management and business themes. These can form a programme, hosted on our secure virtual learning environment, and customised and contextualised for groups of learners as required.

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Co-Creation and Customisation Services

We bring academic expertise and renowned pedagogy, high-quality digital production plus project management and even the platform (where needed) to produce a customised learning solution. We draw on subject matter experts and practitioners so we can tailor learning to your organisation’s context, aims and learning objectives.

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Additional Blended Support

In addition to online courses and materials, we have an extensive pool of experienced tutors, coaches and consultants who can provide feedback, guidance and facilitate learners to achieve their learning outcomes. Through a blend of self-study and support online and in-person we offer flexibility and the best chance of success.

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Sometimes learning on its own is not enough to embed changes in behaviour. We have partnered with Management Futures who provide a pool of experienced Executive Coaches with up to date knowledge and wide sector experience. If you want to build coaching behaviours or introduce a coaching culture, take a look at our coaching courses.

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Accreditation and Recognition of Prior Learning

For many aspiring leaders and managers, having tangible recognition and a record of their learning is important. We offer a range of services including the development of bespoke coursesversioned qualifications and additional assessments that allow learners to gain academic credit and to recognise other learning they have undertaken.

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Consultancy and Facilitation

Planning and getting the most from your learning and development activity is essential.  Building a learning organisation is one way of securing a sustainable future for your organisation.  We can support your planning and design of learning, your platform and support needs and evaluate the impact of your learning.

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Free Learning Resources

For 50 years the OU has been widening participation in education.  We are proud of the range of free learning resources that are available through our free learning platforms. These include courses on leadership in the voluntary sector, book-keeping, marketing, mentoring and entrepreneurship.

Case study - Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We supported the Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (now FCDO) to develop a suite of 7 Badged Online Courses and 3 MOOCs to support the professional development of diplomats and learning and development leads around the world.

By supporting the design, pedagogical approach and digital development of the courses, the tacit knowledge and experience of senior Diplomats was made available to over 11,000 practitioners seeking to understand the tradecraft of diplomacy.

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