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Event: How training can increase efficiency in handling immigration cases

As recent events have shown, immigration law is a fast-moving area. Afghanistan's humanitarian crisis that followed the Taliban resurgence remains in the spotlight, and now Russia's invasion of Ukraine has set alarm bells in the Home Office to stand ready to welcome refugees fleeing the conflict. As a result, efficiency is now more critical than ever.

Join us on Thursday 28 April at 12pm as we explore the complexities in handling immigration casework and how civil servants can benefit from a course designed to provide the skills and knowledge to better understand the immigration system and how it relates to the job they do.

Asylum applications in the UK last year were at their highest level since 2003, with the backlog of claims awaiting a decision at a record high of more than 100,000 people, statistics from Home Office show. Add the influx of cases from EU settlers, students, workers, and tourists applying for visas to come to the UK or extend their leave to remain, and you begin to understand the scale of the task. Also, each case comes with its own complexities.

It is not only at times of crisis where delivery efficiency is paramount. For example, free movement between the UK and the EU ended more than a year ago, and the new system has brought about significant tightening of controls on EU migration.

What if there is a way to process immigration cases more quickly and effectively? Mark Symes, a barrister at Garden Court Chambers, has 20 years of casework experience. He says understanding the law and how the immigration system works are critical skills, and must-have knowledge to deal with the intricacies of cases effectively. However, paperwork that reaches the courts reveals shortcomings in these areas from caseworkers and advisers alike. Training, therefore, is paramount.

Our Executive Education team and partners HJT Training (associated with Garden Court Chambers) are working with Civil Service World to showcase a series of courses to help understand UK immigration law and the systems that support it. 

Key topics include

  • The challenges to efficient immigration case handling
  • How to improve decision-making with a better understanding of the law
  • The importance of collaboration in enhancing professional development
  • How immigration law training complements learning and development opportunities within the Home Office
  • On the panel will be Barrister and Immigration Tribunal Judge, Mark Symes, Barrister, David Jones from HJT, Carol Howells, Senior Lecturer in Law from The Open University; and Edwin Parks, a Barrister; and Senior Lecturer in Law from The Open University; along with Antonia Randall-Brandwood, an experienced immigration consultant and trainer. The panel will share their wealth of knowledge and experience on how effective training can increase efficiency in handling cases.

Register here

Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 12:00 to 13:00