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"Time with Larry" ... Pray for ownership of your dreams

A short film and book presentation about a man who emigrated to Ireland

Larry O'Bryan and friends


In 2003, at the age of 58, Larry O’Bryan emigrated from Bath in Avon UK to live in Kilrush, Co. Clare in the west of Ireland.

Larry's art

He describes himself as Autistic AKA Artist and uses painting, poetry, repetitive phrases and facilitated communication (pointing at letters on a typing board with support) to powerful effect.

Through his support agency, the Brothers of Charity (Clare) he has created his own support network. He found a place to live, interviewed his own staff and moved on to his own rural retreat.

Clare, Ireland

Once he lived in a big institution. Now he lives a life where all the key choices are made by him.

Time with Larry - Reflections on the Journey

Family, friends, supporters and learning disability experts were invited to contribute to a book, Time with Larry, and answered two main questions ... "What has Larry taught you?" and "What can we learn from Larry's struggle to make his dream come true?"

Larry with Joe McGrath

The presentation includes a short film of recorded interviews for the book by National Self-Advocacy rep Joe McGrath and a PowerPoint presentation of the key ideas of Larry's success story.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers with Larry and four of his supporters.


  • Linda Downs - Team Leader for Larry O'Bryan, BOC, Co. Clare, Ireland.Biographies
  • Rob Hoskins - MSc (Inclusive Research Theory and Practice), Norah Fry Institute Self-Advocacy and Inclusive Research Officer, Brothers of Charity, Co. Clare, Ireland
  • Francesca Ward - Bristol Joint author/Coordinator for Time with Larry
  • Tim Bartlett - Former Team Leader for Larry at Aspects Support Services, Avon and Somerset.

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