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When I was a child

Angela Still


When I was a child my mum used to treat me badly so I was always covered in bruises. She would also leave me outside, even in the snow. I was made to eat dinner alone while the rest of my family could eat in the living room.

I told my friend about this and he encouraged me to tell someone at my day centre. Sarah at Oakley Grange contacted social services who found me emergency care so that I didn’t have to go home. I’d had enough of being treated badly.

Eventually I was placed with a lovely family, I lived with them for some time. They helped me to become more independent and supported me in getting my own flat. This was the first time I felt like I was being treated like an adult.

Living on my own hasn’t always been easy; over the years I have been vulnerable. I’ve had to move twice because of abuse. I also need more care and support as I’ve got older and my needs have changed. Overall I’m glad I had the courage to speak up.

Speaker biography

[[[image-0 small right]]]Hi, I am Angela Still. I was born in July 1955 and am 60 years old, I have been a member of Central England People First for over 15 years. I was Chair for two years, I am now currently a regular member of the Management Committee. I have recently attended meetings with Voice Northants who provide support to victims of crime. The meetings are to help Voice deliver a better service to victims of crime. The two main areas covered at the meetings are people With Learning Difficulties and people with Mental Health problems. I go to the Local Partnership Board Meetings in Kettering and am a Local Champion. I also help run Keep Safe Training.

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