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Ghana’s teachers need permission and support to incorporate local languages into EMI teaching

11 December 2017

By Kimberly Safford. Teachers in Ghana recognise the difficulties caused by using only English but feel constrained from adopting more flexible approaches.


Local language use to support EMI in the classroom

Great opportunities to support EMI with multilingual practices

4 December 2017

The Open University, British Council & the Education Development Trust (EDT) has been examining the impact English as the medium of instruction (EMI) can have on teaching & learning

How can children in low- and middle-income contexts learn more easily when English is the medium of instruction?

28 November 2017

There has been a strong push towards universal primary education. But can we make it easier for children to understand in lessons?

Refugee – host relations: the building of peace through everyday interaction

3 October 2017

Settling refugees requires land and can put pressure on local services and resources. If these have to be diverted from, or shared with, the surrounding host communities it can create competition and tension – but does this necessarily create conflict?

Photo of DPP Associate Jesimen (centre) with two of her children

News of DPP Associate Dr Jesimen Chipika

18 August 2017

Jesimen Chipika , a research partner in Development, Policy and Practice’s (DPP) very first major research programme, has been appointed as Deputy Governor at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Classic cars in Havana image

Has Havana Reached a Crossroads? - James Warren

30 June 2017

With the right mechanisms in place for community involvement and an emphasis on collective mobility and quality of life, could Havana leapfrog autogeddon?

pensioner and nurse image

How to Settle Social Care Funding Once and For All - Janette Rutterford

21 June 2017

Theresa May's U-turn on social care funding shows how hard it is to fix. But, argues Janette Rutterford, there is a logical solution.

Women's association in Ecuador image

Inclusive Development in South America - Alex Borda-Rodriguez

16 June 2017

How important have social and solidarity economy organisations been to marginalised populations in gaining both agency and a voice?

Makushi logging image

Payments for Community-Owned Solutions? - Andrea Berardi

22 May 2017

New post challenges the global ascendancy of PES schemes, arguing that alternative framings would better sustain environmental management.

Hands off my pension. shutterstock image

Why the Pensions 'Triple Lock' Has Become a Key General Election Issue - Jonquil Lowe

19 May 2017

As pensions – which make up the biggest portion of the UK's welfare budget – hit the headlines again, Jonquil Lowe explains the 'triple lock'.


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