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Challenging Gendered Violence, Abuse and Harms across Critical Spaces

Wed, 12 April 2017, 14:00 to 16:00

Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2, OU, Milton Keynes

International Development seminar hosted jointly with the OU's Citizenship & Governance SRA on Engaged Scholarship.

To reserve your free place, please contact Michelle Stevens.


Vanita Sundaram (University of York): Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence
Anna Bull (Portsmouth University) & Tiffany Page (Goldsmiths): 1752 group
Lena Wanggren (University of Edinburgh): University and College Union
Julia Downes (OU): The Salvage Collective


Survivors, feminist academics and students have highlighted the silencing of gendered violence across spaces that aim to foster critical knowledge production and progressive political praxis such as UK Higher Education institutions and social justice movements.

The institutional and cultural protection of abusers at spaces including the University of Sussex (Lee Salter), Goldsmiths University of London, Socialist Workers Party ('Comrade Delta') and the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (Steve Hedley), and alarming lack of support for survivors, has been brought to public attention.

This seminar brings together feminist academics engaged in activism and research on gendered violence in critical spaces to critically explore:

  • The complexities and power dynamics of gendered violence in these contexts
  • How intersections of harm including racism, sexism, transphobia and ableism are silenced by institutions and cultures
  • Possibilities for meaningful action and transformation to challenge gendered violence and support survivors.


Further Information
Anonymous (2013): Rape in the SWP: A Comrade’s Testimony and Experience of the Disputes Committee
Leneghan, Caroline (2013): Domestic Violence and International Women’s Day RMT
Phipps, Alison; Liz McDonnell & Jess Taylor (2016): A Review of Imperial College’s Institutional Culture and its Impact on Gender Equality
We Want Truth, Goldsmiths
Westmarland, Nicole (2017): Independent Review into The University of Sussex’s Response to Domestic Violence


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