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OU-UnB Workshop on Multisectoral Analysis and Global Value Chains

Thu, 25 November 2021, 13:00 to Fri, 26 November 2021, 17:00

Starting at 13:00 GMT each day. Online in Teams

Jointly organized by Andrew Trigg of The Open Political Economy Group (IKD, The Open University) and Ricardo Araujo of the Growth, Distribution and Structural Change research group (University of Brasilia/CNPq).


Input-output specialists have been described by Richard Baldwin as the ‘gods’ of Global Value Chain (GVC) analysis, due to the suitability of Leontief technology for modelling international flows of intermediate inputs.  With input-output techniques at its core, this workshop provides a primary focus on GVCs, an increasingly important phenomenon in the world economy. Multisectoral analysis – both theoretical and empirical – will be combined with qualitative and conceptual insights, including a focus on development issues and the importance of income distribution.

Register via Eventbrite. This event is FREE


Thursday 25 November

13:00-13:15  Welcome

Joanilio Teixeira (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

13:15-15:00   Session 1

Chair:  Ricard Araujo (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

Maria Savona (University of Sussex, U.K.) GVC integration, technology and employment structures in Europe: country and sectoral evidence

Andrew Trigg (The Open University, U.K.) and Davide Villani (Joint Research Centre - European Commission) Using input-output data to model the structure of export linkages in Global Value Chains: A Brazil case study

Lorena Lombardozzi (The Open University, U.K.) Unpacking state-led upgrading: empirical evidence from a horticulture Global Value Chain

15:00-15:15    Coffee break

15:15-17:00   Session 2

Chair: Daniela Freddo (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

Ricardo Araujo and Rafael Acypreste (University of Brasilia, Brazil) A vertically integrated approach to endogenous productivity growth and structural change

Nadia Garbellini (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) International trade as a process of choice of technique

Fabio Freitas, Bárbara Cardoso Dias and Marta Castilho (UFRJ, Brazil) The main determinants of the evolution of the income share of less-skilled labour in manufacturing global value chains: a structural decomposition of the change in the less-skilled labour share of income

Friday 26 November

13:00-14:45  Session 3

Chair: Pedro Celso (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

João Gabriel (university of Brasilia, Brazil) Structural change, open economy and employment: A Structural Change and Economic Dynamics approach

Henrique Bottura (University of Brasilia, Brazil) Informal economy and Kaleckian long-run equilibrium

José Bruno Fevereiro (The Open University, U.K.) Sectoral biased technical change and functional income distribution under alternative distributive ‘closures’

14:45-15:00   Coffee break

15:00-16:45    Session 4

Chair: José Bruno Fevereiro (The Open University, U.K.)

Phumzile Ncube and Fiona Tregenna (University of Johannesburg, South Africa) Input-output linkages and interdependence between countries in Southern Africa

Susan Newman (The Open University, U.K.) Global value chains and global value transfer

Theo Santini and Rafael Acypreste (University of Brasilia, Brazil) Structural decomposition of vertically integrated sectors in Brazil from 2000 to 2018

16:45-17:00   Closing Remarks

Ricardo Araujo and Andrew Trigg (University of Brasilia, Brazil; The Open University, U.K.)


The paper by Andrew Trigg and Davide Villani is also co-authored with J. Perraton and F.P. Leite.

Maria Savona’s paper is co-authored with F. Bontadini, V. Meliciani and R. Evangelista.

The paper by Theo Santini and Rafael Acypreste is also co-authored with R. Araujo.

The paper by Ricardo Araujo and  Rafael Acypreste is also co-authored with T. Santini.

The paper by João Gabriel is also co-authored with R. Acypreste.

The paper by Henrique Bottura is also co-authored with R. Araujo.

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