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Milton Keynes Low-Carbon Living Programme

The Open University is an invited partner in a series of projects under the Milton Keynes Low Carbon Living programme. This includes representation on the two oversight bodies, the Steering and Advisory groups as well as being awarded research work in two projects.


Stephen Potter, Matthew Cook, Sally Caird, Helen Roby, Trevor Collins, Terry O'Sullivan and Gerd Kortuem


SEEDA £120,000 (2009) and Low Carbon Network Fund £200,000 (2012-2015)

The SEEDA funding is associated with the Milton Keynes Electric Vehicles Project, which has attracted a Plugged £3m Plugged in Places Grant. Our role is to develop user engagement with this local low carbon vehicle initiative.

Visit the Low Carbon Vehicles & Innovation in Transport Systems and Services blog for details.

The Low Carbon Network Fund grant is part of the ?14m Project Falcon (Flexible And Low Carbon Optimised Networks). The aim of this project is to trial a series of Smart Grid electricity network interventions in Milton Keynes. The OU?s role is, together with the University of Bath, to contribute to the project?s dissemination among partners and users.

Watch the Introduction to Project Falcon video and visit the Low Carbon UK project website.


Stephen Potter,

Visit the Sustainable Transport Systems website for details.

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To find out more about our work, or to discuss a potential project, please contact:

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