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RECIPE: Resources for Community Energy Projects


Dr George Callaghan, The Open University
Dr Stuart Parris, The Open University
Dr Roberto Simonetti, The Open University


IKD-funded, 2011-12 & 2014-15


Compared to countries such as Germany and Denmark, community energy plays a relatively small role in the supply and management of energy in the UK. In addition, recent changes in government policy, including changes to feed-in-tariffs, have severely impacted widely used best-practice models for community energy, affecting both established projects as well as creating barriers to the setting up of new ones. A key challenge, therefore, is to find long-term financial models for community energy projects that are capable of delivering appropriate social and environmental impact.

In response, RECIPE aims to examine the viability and potential for wider use of new and innovative approaches and models taken up by communities in recent times. In addition to research outputs, it will create a free online resource for communities looking to improve the success of local energy projects and to share their experiences, improving awareness of the different operational models that can be used in an increasingly challenging policy and financial environment. 

Currently in an initial phase of conducting scoping activities with potential partner communities and related organisations to deliver impact and research outputs, RECIPE will build on previous IKD projects including Community-Owned Renewable Technology Enterprises and Economic Development, the Milton Keynes Low-Carbon Living Programme and Financing Innovation in the UK Environmental and Clean Technology Sector.

If you are involved in an existing community energy project in the UK, or plan to start one, and would like to participate, please contact Dr Stuart Parris for further information.  


Dr Stuart Parris or Dr Roberto Simonetti.

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