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Inclusive Migration Policy through Evidence Cafes


Migration policy in Africa is fragmented and policymakers are hampered by weak data and lack of knowledge, undermining the potential for migration to contribute to inclusive growth. 

This project is creating a free online course on ‘evidence café methodology’ which has been successfully used in migration research to share perspectives of diverse stakeholders and fill knowledge gaps.

The short course will be for use by government officials, organisations, researchers and civil society organisations to advance African migration research, policy and planning.  


Giles Mohan, Open University (Principal Investigator)   
Anne Adams, Open University    
Julia Sargent, Open University  
Linda Oucho, African Migration and Development Policy Centre (AMADPOC)


This project is funded through The Open University’s internal top-up funding for the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), as part of our work to support the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment. 


The project emerges from Professor Giles Mohan’s Migration for Inclusive African Growth (MIAG) project, which used evidence café methodology to engage migration stakeholders, and proved highly effective in enabling conversations and identifying knowledge gaps. 

It will use the knowledge gained to create a 6–8 hour online course which will equip those who study it with greater awareness of the ways in which knowledge about migration is generated; better understanding of the mutual perceptions and knowledge needs of diverse stakeholders; and collaborative policy frameworks for integrating the planning and management of migration for inclusive growth.

The project brings together Open University-based migration and evidence café expertise and learning design input, with AMADPOC's deep migration expertise and access to professional networks across Africa.

The Badged Open Course will be delivered by Open Media and Informal Learning (OMIL) through The Open University’s OpenLearn Create platform, and will be of interest to organisations and individuals working on migration policy across the globe.

More information

The project emerges from the GCRF-funded project Migration for Inclusive African Growth (MIAG).


Giles Mohan

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