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How to apply

To apply for a vacancy you are encouraged to read all the information provided here and contained within the pages accessed through the links in the blue boxes on the right. The University aims to ensure that all recruitment and selection policies are fair, open and equal to all.

The OU is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all backgrounds and nationalities. As the work for the University will be carried out in the UK or the Republic of Ireland there is a requirement for members of staff to be resident in either the UK or the Republic of Ireland (depending on the requirements of the role).

You must complete an individual application form for each module you are applying to teach. Your address of residence will be used to consider your suitability for vacancies for modules which have face to face student support. Unless you are an existing associate lecturer, your application form must demonstrate how you fully meet the generic person specification. All applicants must demonstrate how they meet the module specification. The module person specification is attached to the vacancy advert. You should provide details of your Higher Education/additional studies and relevant employment history information.

All vacancies can be viewed on our Vacancies page. Vacancies will be advertised for a minimum of three weeks and close dates vary for individual vacancies. Applications from internal staff are considered ahead of applications from external applicants, where an advert is advertised externally as indicated in the vacancy advert.

Please note, modules which are supported entirely online will consider an UK wide applicant pool, whereas modules with face to face student support will consider local applicants based on geographical locations. Click here for details of those geographical locations.

To download the application form (ALAPP5) click here. You should save this to your computer and open the application form with your word processing software. You should have Microsoft Word, Star Office, LibreOffice or Open Office installed on your computer to complete the application form, and save it as a  word document or *.rtf file if you do not have Microsoft Word. We will only accept applications submitted on the current version of the application form.

If you do not have Microsoft Word or Star Office installed on your computer you can download Open Office for free. Please note: it is not possible to complete the application form in Word Pad or similar Word Pad applications.

An internal member of staff is an employee who holds a permanent contract, a fixed-term contract, an associate lecturer contract or are engaged as an agency worker for The Open University. You are an external applicant if you do not hold a contract of employment or if you are carrying out short-term work for the University, such as residential school work, scriptmarking, day contracts (where you hold no other work with the OU) and consultancy contracts. Collaborative tutors and Research Students are also classed as external.

Applications may be submitted in Welsh, and an application submitted in Welsh will not be treated less favourably than an application submitted in English. To download a copy of the application form in Welsh click here. Guidance on how to apply in Welsh can be found here

Caniateir i geisiadau gael eu cyflwyno yn Gymraeg, ac na fydd cais a gyflwynir yn y Gymraeg yn cael ei drin yn llai ffafriol na chais a gyflwynir yn Saesneg.  I lawrlwytho copi o’r ffurflen gais, cliciwch yma.