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Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts comprises academic areas in art history, classical studies, English literature and creative writing, history, music, philosophy, religious studies, and interdisciplinary studies. The Faculty presents a range of undergraduate modules in each academic area.

Undergraduate students may choose to study for a general BA in Humanities, a BA in Humanities with one or two specialisms, or for undergraduate degrees in History, English Literature, English Language and Literature, or Philosophy and Psychological Studies. The Faculty also offers an undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education in Humanities and a Diploma of Higher Education in Humanities.

Postgraduate students are offered taught MAs in Art History, Classical Studies, English, History, Music and Philosophy. The Faculty regularly refreshes its curriculum with new modules for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

The Faculty is committed to developing the quality of teaching it provides through regional/national staff development and training for associate lecturers. Samples of each associate lecturer’s correspondence tuition are evaluated by module team members and fellow associate lecturers and constructive feedback provided. Module teams are encouraged to develop the expertise of their associate lecturers by involving them in the maintenance of modules in presentation.

The Faculty’s modules mostly use a blended tuition model, including face to face and online elements. Our curriculum is designed to develop students independent study skills through use of online library resources.

Voices, texts and material culture - A105
Lleisiau, testunau a diwylliant materol - A105
Discovering the arts and humanities - A111
Darganfod y celfyddydau a'r dyniaethau - A111   
Cultures - A112    
Diwylliannau - A112
Revolutions - A113
Chwyldroadau - A113
Making sense of things: an introduction to material culture - A151
Creative writing - A215
Ysgrifennu creadigol - A215
Exploring Philosophy - A222
Archwilio Athroniaeth - A222
Early modern Europe - A223
Ewrop fodern Gynnar - A223
Inside music - A224
The British Isles 1789-1914 - A225
Exploring art and visual culture - A226
Archwilio celf a'r diwylliant gweledol - A226
Exploring Religion: Places, Practices, Texts and Experiences - A227
Archwilio Crefydd: Mannau, Arferion, Testunau a Phrofiadau -  A227
Exploring the classical world - A229
Archwilio'r byd clasurol -  A229
Reading and studying literature - A230
Darllen ac astudio llenyddiaeth -  A230
Music, sound and technology - A232
Cerddoriaeth, sain a thechnoleg - A232​
Telling stories – the novel and beyond - A233
Adrodd straeon - y nofel a thu hwnt - A233
Understanding Music - A234
Deall Cerddoriaeth - A234
Reading classical Greek: language and literature - A275
Classical Latin: the language of ancient Rome - A276
Lladin Glasurol: iaith yr hen Rufain - A276
Empire: 1492-1975 - A326
Europe 1914-1989: war, peace, modernity - A327
Ewrop 1914-1989: rhyfel, heddwch, modernrwydd -  A327
The making of Welsh history - A329
Creu Hanes Cymru - A329
Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds - A330
Why is religion controversial? - A332
Pam bod crefydd yn bwnc dadleuol? - A332 
Key questions in philosophy - A333
Cwestiynau allweddol o ran athroniaeth - A333
English literature from Shakespeare to Austen - A334
Llenyddiaeth Saesneg o Shakespeare i Austen - A334
Literature in transition: 1800 to present - A335
Llenyddiaeth mewn cyfnod o newid: o 1800 hyd heddiw - A335  
The Roman Empire - A340
Central questions in the study of music - A342
Cwestiynau canolog wrth astudio cerddoriaeth -  A342
Art and its global histories - A344
Celf a'i hanesion byd-eang - A344
Advanced creative writing - A363
Ysgrifennu creadigol uwch - A363
MA Creative writing part 1 - A802
MA Ysgrifennu Creadigol rhan 1 - A802
MA Creative writing part 2- A803
MA Ysgrifennu Creadigol rhan 2 - A803
MA English Part 1 - A815
MA English Part 2 - A816
MA History part 1 - A825
MA Art History part 1 - A843
MA Hanes Celf rhan 1 - A843
MA Art History part 2 - A844
MA Hanes Celf rhan 2 - A844
MA Philosophy part 1 - A853
MA Athroniaeth rhan 1 - A853
MA Philosophy part 2 - A854
MA Athroniaeth Rhan 2 - A854
MA Classical Studies part 1 - A863
MA Astudiaethau Clasurol rhan 1 - A863
MA Classical Studies part 2 - A864
MA Astudiaethau Clasurol rhan 2 A864
MA Music part 1 - A873
MA Cerddoriaeth rhan 1 - A873
MA Music part 2 - A874
MA Cerddoriaeth rhan 2 -A874    
The Arts past and present - AA100
Renaissance art reconsidered - AA315