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Faculty of Business and Law

The Faculty of Business and Law offers courses and qualifications in law and business and management.

Business and management courses

The Open University Business School offers a wide range of business courses and qualifications. We offer Certificates in Business Studies and Professional Practice in Delivering Public Services, Professional Certificates in Management and Accounting, and a Diploma in Business Studies. We offer Foundation Degrees and Diplomas of Higher Education in Business, Leadership and Management, Financial Services and Retail Management. To complete the undergraduate programme we offer BA (Hons) degrees in Business Studies, and Leadership and Management. At postgraduate level we offer Certificates in Business Administration and Clinical Leadership, Diplomas in Management, and Management and Business Research. We also offer the MBA and an MSc in Management and Business Research Methods.

Law courses

The Open University School of Law has the largest taught undergraduate Law Programme in the UK.  It provides a flexible full or part-time distance-learning route to an LLB (Hons) with optional tutorials, which are either held face to face or electronically.

Access to the Law Programme requires no previous study or qualifications. This attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds, of all ages and with different experiences. Associate lecturers are drawn from a cross-section of the legal community (e.g. university lecturers, solicitors and barristers).

To be awarded the LLB (Hons), a student requires 360 credits.  There are two compulsory law modules at level 1 and level 2 (W101, W102, W202 and W203) providing 60 credits each.  There are a further two compulsory modules at level 3, W302 providing 60 credits and W330 providing 30 credits.  Students then have a choice of one further module from either W340, W350 or W360, which provide the last 30 credits required.  Graduate entrant students are exempt from stage 1 and require only 240 credits to gain the degree.

Introduction to Business and Management - B100
Cyflwyniad i Fusnes a Rheoli - B100

Managing in the workplace -B121
An introduction to retail management and marketing - B122
Management practice - B123
Ymarfer rheoli - B123
Fundamentals of accounting - B124
Hanfodion cyfrifyddu - B124
Business organisations and their environments - B201
Exploring innovation and entrepreneurship - B205
Archwilio arloesedd ac entrepreneuriaeth - B205
Understanding customers - B206
Deall cwsmeriaid - B206          
Shaping Business Opportunities - B207
Llywio Cyfleoedd Busnes - B207
Developing leadership - B208
Datblygu Arweinyddiaeth - B208
Financial accounting - B291
Management accounting - B292
Cyfrifyddu rheoli - B292
Financial accounting in context - B293
Cyfrifo ariannol mewn cyd-destun - B293
Financial analysis and decision making - B294
Dadansoddi ariannol a gwneud penderfyniadau - B294
Making sense of strategy - B301
Strategic Management - B302

Rheolaeth Strategol - B302
Marketing and society - B324
Marchnata a Chymdeithas - B324
Managing across organisational and cultural boundaries - B325
Creating Futures: Sustainable enterprise and innovation - B327
Creu'r Dyfodol: Menter ac arloesedd cynaliadwy - B327
Leadership in a changing world - B329 
Arweinyddiaeth mewn byd sy'n newid - B329
Management Accounting and International Finance - B391
Cyfrifyddu Rheoli a Chyllid Rhyngwladol - B391   
Advanced management accounting - B392
Cyfrifyddu datblygedig ar gyfer rheoli - B392
Managing 1: organisations and people - B628
Managing 2: marketing and finance - B629
Rheoli 2: marchnata a chyllid - B629
MBA Stage 1: Management: perspectives and practice - B716
Dissertation (HRM) - B804
Traethawd hir (RhAD) - B804
Dissertation (Finance) - B805
Traethawd hir (Cyllid) - B805
Making a difference: the management initiative - B839
Gwneud gwahaniaeth: y fenter reoli - B839
Introduction to corporate finance - B858
Financial strategy: valuation, governance and ethics - B859
Strategaeth ariannol: prisiant, llywodraethu a moeseg - B859
Research methods for Finance - B860
Dulliau ymchwil ar gyfer Cyllid -  B860
Corporate Finance - B861
Derivatives and risk management - B862
Deilliadau a rheoli risg  B862
The human resource professional - B863
Human resource management in context - B864
Managing research in the workplace - B865
Employment relations and employee engagement - B866
Workplace learning with coaching and mentoring - B867
Dysgu yn y gweithle gyda hyfforddi a mentora - B867

Managing in a changing world - B870
Rheoli mewn byd sy'n newid - B870
Creating and sustaining value - B872
Creu a chadw gwerth - B872
Effective Strategic Management in Business and the Public Sector - B873
Rheoli Strategol Effeithiol yn y Sector Busnes a'r Sector Cyhoeddus - B873
Finance for decision making - B874​
Cyllid ar gyfer gwneud penderfyniadau - B874​
MBA Project: Leaders of Change - B875
Prosiect MBA: Arweinwyr Newid - B875
Corporate finance - BB831
The Dynamics of Strategy - BB835
Managing financial risk - BB841
Sustainable creative management - BB842
Rheoli Credigol Cynaliadwy - BB842
Marketing in the 21st century - BB844
Strategic human resource management - BB845
Entrepreneurship: experience and perspective - BB846
Management beyond the mainstream - BB847
Leadership and management in intercultural contexts - BB848
Supply chain management - BB849
Rheoli'r gadwyn gyflenwi - BB849
Entrepreneurship in Context - BB851
Entrepreneuriaeth yn ei chyd-destun - BB851
Leadership and Management of Public Services - BB852
Arwain a Rheoli Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus - BB852
Contemporary issues in organisations - BB853
Materion cyfoes ym maes sefydliadau - BB853
Making it happen! Leadership, influence and change in retailing - BXA204
HR Management in Practice - BXM840
Rheoli Adnoddau Dynol Ymarferol - BXM840
Corporate Finance - BXM850
Cyllid Corfforaethol - BXM850
Concepts and theories in policing 1 - BXY132
Concepts and theories in policing​ -  BXY136
Cysyniadau a damcaniaethau ym maes plismona – BXY136
Concepts and theories in policing 2 - BXY232
MBA Stage 1: Management: perspectives and practice - BFXT716
Introduction to Business and Management (Sport and Football) - BYFL100
Improving your practice - BYP834
Managing 1: organisations and people - BZX628
Managing 2: marketing and finance - BZX629
Rheoli 2: marchnata a chyllid - BZX629
Continuing professional development in practice - U810
Datblygiad proffesiynol parhaus ar waith - U810
Continuing professional development in practice - UYB810
Continuing professional development in practice - UYP810
An introduction to law - W101
Cyflwyniad i'r gyfraith - W101
Law: concepts and perspectives - W102
Y gyfraith:cysyniadau a safbwyntiau - W102

Criminal Law and the Courts​ - W111
Cyfraith Trosedd a'r Llysoedd​ - W111
Civil Justice and Tort Law - W112
Cyfiawnder Sifil a'r Gyfraith Camweddau - W112
Contract law and tort law - W202
Cyfraith contract a chyfraith camwedd - W202
Public law and criminal law - W203
Cyfraith gyhoeddus a chyfraith trosedda - W203
Law: agreements, rights and responsibilities - W301
Equity, trusts and land - W302
Ecwiti, ymddiriedolaethau a thir - W302  
European Union law - W330
Cyfraith yr Undeb Ewropeaidd - W330

Law, society and culture - W340
Cyfraith, cymdeithas a diwylliant -W340
Exploring legal boundaries - W350
Archwilio ffniau cyfreithiol - W350
Justice in Action - W360
Cyfiawnder ar Waith - W360

The Law dissertation - W800
Exploring legal meaning - W820
Archwilio ystyr gyfreithiol- W820
Exploring the boundaries of international law - W821
Archwilio ffiniau cyfraith ryngwladol - W821
Business, human rights law and corporate social responsibility - W822
Busnes, cyfraith hawliau dynol a chyfrifoldeb cymdeithasol corfforaethol - W822
BA (Hons) Management Practice - XBXY130
Professional Policing Practice - XBXY134

Professional PCSO Practice - XBXY138
Ymarfer PSCO Proffesiynol - XBXY138
Master Business Administration (Leadership Practice) - XBXY857
Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Practice - XBXY876