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Faculty of Education and Language Studies

The Faculty of Education and Language Studies presents a wide range of modules and qualifications which allow students to progress from undergraduate through to advanced level study and professional development. These fall into three main programme areas:

Professional development for education practitioners and allied professions

This range of modules meets professional needs in all sectors of education and offers innovative learning opportunities that develop knowledge and skills closely linked to professional practice. Individual modules and study pathways cover a wide range of priority areas and contribute to a variety of qualifications, including initial teacher education, the Masters Degree in Education and the Doctorate in Education.

Additionally we offer modules leading to a Foundation Degree in Sports, Fitness and Health.

Childhood and Youth Studies

Childhood and Youth is an increasingly high profile area of social policy. At the OU we offer modules in four designated areas of study: Early Years, Primary Years, Childhood and Youth Studies and Working with Young People. The modules in these areas are for students with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. Some assume no prior knowledge of the subject area. Students engage with the latest thinking, ideas, and research and there are modules that combine this theory with work-based learning. Individual modules can meet a specific professional need or study pathways can be built up into certificates, diplomas and degrees, some of which are nationally recognised vocational qualifications.

Modern Languages and English Language

Students studying modern language modules can build study pathways from beginners' language modules in French, German and Spanish into certificates and diplomas. We also offer beginners’ language modules in Welsh, Italian and Chinese. Some students continue study towards the Modern Language Studies degree. Our English Language and Linguistics modules also count towards a range of qualifications, including the English Language Diploma and the Modern Language Studies degree, and as options in Humanities degrees. Most language modules combine face to face and online tuition.

Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology - E102
Cyflwyniad i astudiaethau plentyndod a seicoleg plant - E102

Learning and teaching in the primary years - E103
Dysgu ac addysgu yn y blynyddoeddcynnar - E103
Working with young people: an introduction - E108
Exploring perspectives on young children’s lives and learning - E109
Archwilio safbwyntiau am fywydau a dysgu plant ifanc - E109
Young children’s play and creativity - E110
Chwarae a chreadigrwydd plant ifanc- E110
Personal professional development: early years settings - E115
Introduction to sport and fitness - E117
Cyflwyniad i chwaraeon a ffitrwydd - E117
Working with people in sport and fitness - E119
Gweithio gyda phobl ym maes chwaraeon a ffitwydd - E119
Leading work with young people - E132
Developing subject Knowledge for the Primary Years - E209
Datblygu Gwybodaeth am bwnc ar gyfer y Blynyddoedd Cynradd - E209
Childhood - E212
Equality, participation and inclusion: learning from each other - E214
Sport and conditioning science into practice - E217
Rhoi Gwyddor Chwaraeon a Chyflyru ar waith - E217

Leading work with young people in practice - E218
Psychology of childhood and youth - E219
Seicoleg plentyndod ac ieuenctid - E219
Listening to young children: critical reflections - E229
Gwrando ar blant ifanc: myfyrdodau beirniadol - E229
Childhood - E232
Plentyndod - E232
Sport and exercise psychology: a case study approach - E233
Seicoleg mewn chwaraeon ac ymarfer corff: dull astudiaeth achos - E233
Sport and exercise psychology in action - E235
Seicoleg mewn chwaraeon ac ymarfer corff ar waith - E235
Applying sport and exercise sciences to coaching - E236
Defnyddio gwyddorau chwaraeon ac ymarfer corff ym maes hyfforddi - E236
Inclusive education: learning from each other - E243
Language and creativity - E302
English grammar in context - E303
Exploring English grammar - E304
Comparative and international studies in primary education - E309
Astudiaethau cymharol a rhyngwladol mewn addysg gynradd - E309

Athletic Development: a psychological perspective – E312
Datblygiad Athletig: safbwynt seicolegol – E312

Exploring psychological aspects of athletic development - E313
Archwilio'r agweddau ar ddatblygu athletau - E313

Exploring contemporary issues in sport and exercise - E314
Archwilio materion cyfoes ym myd chwaraeon ac ymarfer corff - E314

Youth: policy in practice - E318
leuenctid:polisi ar waith - E318

Children and young people’s worlds: frameworks for integrated practice - E807
Children and young people's worlds - E808

Bydoedd plant a phobl ifanc - E808
Frameworks for critical practice with children and young people - E809
Fframweithiau ar gyfer ymarfer beirniadol gyda phlant a phobl ifanc - E809    
Masters multi-disciplinary dissertation: education, childhood and youth - E822
Traethawd hir gradd Meistr amlddisgyblaethol: addysg, plentyndod ac ieuenctid - E822
Strategic Leadership of Continuing Professional Development in Education - E857
Children’s literature - EA300
Child development - ED209
Understanding children’s development and learning - ED841
Deall datblygiad a dysgu plant - ED841
Educational leadership: agency, professional learning and change - EE811
Arweinyddiaeth addysgol: asiantaeth, dysgu proffesiynol a newid - EE811          
Educational leadership: exploring strategy - EE812
Arweinyddiaeth addysgol: archwilio strategaeth: Arweinyddiaeth addysgol 2 – EE812
MA Ed Dissertation: Leadership and Management - EE813
Traethawd Hir MA Addysg: Arwain a Rheoli - EE813
Addressing inequality and difference in educational practice - EE814
Mynd i'r afael ag anghydraddoldeb a gwahaniaeth mewn ymarfer addysgol - EE814
Understanding literacy: social justice and inclusive practice - EE815
Deall llythrennedd: cyfiawnder cymdeithasol ac ymarfer cynhwysol: Ymarfer cynhwysol 2 EE815
MA Ed Dissertation: Inclusive Practice - EE816
Traethawd Hir MA Addysg: Arfer Cynhwysol - EE816
Applied Linguistics and English Language - EE817
Ieithyddiaeth Gymhwysol a Saesneg - EE817
Language, literacy and learning - EE818
Iaith, llythrennedd a dysgu - EE818
MA Ed dissertation: applied linguistics - EE819
Traethawd Hir MA Addysg - EE819
Learning and teaching: educating the next generation - EE830
Dysgu ac addysgu: addysgu'r genhedlaeth nesaf - EE830
Learning and teaching: understanding your educational practice - EE831
Dysgu ac addysgu: deall eich ymarfer addysgol - EE831
Self evaluation - EE851
Education for all - EE852
Learning and teaching - EE853
Working together - EE854
Issues in research with children and young people - EK313
Materion o ran ymchwil gyda phlant a phobl ifanc - EK313
Education for development - ET821
Science and theory into practice: sports coaching or exercise instruction - EXC223 and EXF223
Making your coaching certificate or exercise instruction certificate count - EXC224 and EXF224
Introduction to working with young people: supported APEL route - EZL131
Introducing English Language Studies L101
Cyflwyno Astudiaethau Iaith Saesneg – L101
French studies 1 (intermediate) - L112
Astudiaethau Ffrangeg 1 (canolradd) ​- L112
German studies 1 (intermediate) - L113
Astudiaethau Almaeneg 1 (canolradd) - L113
Spanish studies 1 (intermediate) - L116
Astudiaethau Sbaeneg 1 (canolradd) - L116
Vivace: intermediate Italian - L150
Exploring languages and cultures - L161
Archwilio ieithoedd a diwylliannau -  L161 
English for academic purposes - L185
Saesneg at ddibenion academaidd – L185
Bon départ: beginners’ French - L192
Bon départ: Ffrangeg i ddechreuwyr -  L192
Rundblick: beginners’ German - L193
Rundblick: Almaeneg i ddechreuwyr -  L193
Portales: beginners’ Spanish - L194
Portales: Sbaeneg i ddechreuwyr - L194
Andante: beginners’ Italian - L195
Croeso: Beginners’ Welsh - L196
Beginners’ Chinese - L197
English in the World – L201
Saesneg yn y Byd – L201
Motive: upper intermediate German - L203
Viento en popa: upper intermediate Spanish - L204
Envol: upper intermediate French - L211
French Studies 2: language and culture of the French-speaking world - L222
Astudiaethau Ffrangeg 2: iaith a diwylliant y byd Ffrangeg -  L222 ​
German Studies 2: language and culture of the German-speaking world - L223
Astudiaethau Almaeneg 2: Iaith a Diwylliant y Byd Almaeneg – L223
Spanish Studies 2: language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world- L226
Astudiaethau Sbaeneg 2: Iaith a Diwylliant y Byd Sbaeneg – L226
Mises au point: advanced French - L310
Mises au point: Ffrangeg uwch - L310     
Variationen: advanced German - L313
Variationen: Almaeneg uwch - L313
A buen puerto: advanced Spanish - L314
Introduction to translation theory and practice - L801
Translation in practice - L802
Cyfieithu ar waith – L802
Extended Translation Project/Dissertation - L803
Traethawd Hir/Prosiect Cyfieithu Estynedig - L803        
Communication Skills for Business - LB170
Sgiliau Cyfathrebu ar gyfer Busnes - LB170
English communication skills for global managers (preMBA) - LB720
Learning to teach languages in primary school - LXT191
Dysgu i addysgu ieithoedd mewn ysgolion cynradd - LXT191
Learning to teach languages in primary school, French - LXT192
Dysgu i addysgu ieithoedd mewn ysgolion cynradd, Ffrangeg – LXT192
Learning to teach languages in primary school, German - LXT193
Dysgu i addysgu ieithoedd mewn ysgolion cynradd, Almaeneg – LXT193
Learning to teach languages in primary school, Spanish - LXT194
Dysgu i addysgu ieithoedd mewn ysgolion cynradd, Sbaeneg – LXT194
Learning to teach languages in primary school, Chinese (Mandarin) - LXT197
Dysgu i addysgu ieithoedd mewn ysgolion cynradd, Tsieinëeg (Mandarin) – LXT197
A buen puerto - LZX314
Worlds of English - U214