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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science aims to attract students from a wide range of academic backgrounds and aspirations. Undergraduate provision includes:

  • modules at Level 1 for anyone interested in studying science
  • coverage across all four major science disciplines and a number of interdisciplinary areas, – analytical sciences, biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, health sciences, and physics and astronomy. This enables students to choose a programme of study that will give them a broad-based science degree or simply study an individual module or series of modules of their choice, perhaps leading to one of our certificate qualifications
  • sufficient modules in each discipline at Level 2 and beyond for students to specialise in one particular area of science if they wish and follow a study route which leads to one of our BSc (honours) degrees or undergraduate diplomas.

We also offer a range of taught postgraduate degrees and diplomas.

Within the Faculty’s teaching aims, high priority is accorded to the maintenance and further improvement of the quality of the students’ learning experiences. Associate lecturers must therefore be able and willing to provide general learner support in addition to subject expertise, and to help students develop their understanding of scientific methodology, as well as mathematical, statistical, practical, communication and study skills as appropriate. A substantial proportion of tuition takes place by electronic means. Recommended student group sizes range from 20:1 on our taught modules to 10:1 on our Level 3 project modules.  In the taught MSc programmes, associate lecturers for the project module supervise students on a one-to-one basis.

Health sciences in practice - S110
Questions in science - S111
Cwestiynau ym maes gwyddoniaeth - S111
Science: concepts and practice - S112
Gwyddoniaeth: cysyniadau ac ymarfer -S112
Analytical sciences in practice - S130
Science starts here - S154
Scientific investigations - S155
Science and society - S201
Gwyddoniaeth a chymdeithas - S201
Biology: uniformity and diversity - S204
Environmental science - S206/SXF206
Gwyddor yr Amgylchedd - S206/SXF206
The physical world - S207
Earth science - S209
Gwyddorau'r Ddaear - S209
Developing your health science practice - S210
Chemistry: essential concepts - S215
Cemeg: cysyniadau hanfodol - S215
Environmental science - S216
Physics: from classical to quantum - S217
Ffiseg: o'r clasurol i gwantwm - S217
Chemistry in life: food, water and medicines – S248
Cemeg mewn bywyd: bwyd, dŵr a meddyginiaethau – S248
Geology - S276
Astronomy - S282
Planetary science and the search for life - S283
Gwyddorau planedol a chwilio am fywyd - S283
Astronomy - S284
Seryddiaeth - S284
Investigative approaches in biology and chemistry - S285
Dulliau ymchwilio ym maes bioleg a cheme - S285
Investigating Human Health and Disease​ - S290
Ymchwilio i Iechyd a Chlefydau Dynol​ - S290
Cell biology - S294
Bioleg y celloedd - S294
The biology of survival - S295
Bioleg goroesi - S295
Earth processes - S309
Prosesau daear - S309
Chemistry: further concepts and applications - S315
Cemeg: cymwysiadau a chysyniadau pellach S315
Biological science: from genes to species - S317
Gwyddor fiolegol: o enynnau i rywogaethau - S317
Infectious disease - S320
Drug design and synthesis - S346
Metals and life - S347
Evaluating contemporary science - S350
Gwerthuso gwyddoniaeth gyfoes - S350
Evolution - S366
Astrophysics - S382
Astroffiseg    S382
The relativistic universe - S383
Y bydysawd perthynolaidd - S383
Terrestrial Ecosystems - S397
Ecosystemau Daearol - S397
Science and the public - S802
Molecules in medicine - S807
Earth science: a systems approach - S808
Gwyddorau'r Ddaear: dull systemau- S808
MSc project module - S810
Modiwl prosiect MSc - S810
Space science - S818
Gwyddor y gofod - S818
Developing research skills in science - S825
Introduction to Mental Health Science - S826
Cyflwyniad i Wyddor Iechyd Meddwl - S826
Concept to clinic - S827
Signals and perception: the science of the senses - SD329
Signalau ac amgyffrediad: Gwyddor y synhwyrau - SD329
Issues in brain and behaviour - SD805
Core Topics in Mental Health Science: Psychosis and Dementia  - SD816 
Pynciau Craidd mewn Gwyddor Iechyd Meddwl: Seicosis a Dementia - SD816
Science and health: an evidence-based approach - SDK100
Gwyddoniaeth ac Iechyd: dull yn seiliedig ar dystiolaeth  SDK100
The science of the mind: investigating mental health - SDK228
Gwyddor y meddwl: archwilio iechyd meddwl - SDK228
Environment: responding to change - SDT306
Yr amgylchedd: ymateb i newid - SDT306
Understanding cardiovascular disease - SK121
Brain, mind and mental health - SK298
Yr ymennydd, y meddwl ac iechyd meddwl - SK298
Human Biology - SK299
Bioleg Ddynol - SK299
Infectious disease and public health - SK320
Clefydau heintus ac iechyd y cyhoedd - SK320
The science of the mind - SKYN228
Physics and space - SM123
Ffiseg a'r Gofod - SM123
The quantum world - SM358
Y byd cwantwm - SM358
Electromagnetism - SMT359
Electromagnetedd - SMT359
Practical science: chemistry and analysis - SXC288
Practical environmental science - SXE288
Science project course: environmental science practical project- SXE390
Prosiect gwyddoniaeth: prosiect ymarferol gwyddoniaeth amgylcheddol - SXE390
Practical science: earth and environment - SXG288
Science project course: geoscience - SXG390
Cwrs prosiect gwyddoniaeth: gwyddorau daear - SXG390
Practical science: biology and health - SXHL288
Gwyddor ymarferol: bioleg ac iechyd     SXHL288
Researching biology and health science - SXL390
Modiwl prosiect gwyddoniaeth: ymchwilio i fioleg - SXL390
Science project course: frontiers in chemistry - SXM390
Cwrs prosiect gwyddoniaeth: ffiniau ym maes cemeg - SXM390
Science project course: science in society - SXN390
Modiwl prosiect gwyddoniaeth: gwyddoniaeth mewn cymdeithas SXN390
Science project course: radiation and matter - SXP390
Modiwl prosiect gwyddoniaeth: ymbelydredd a mater - SXP390
Remote experiments in physics and space - SXPS288
Arbrofion o bell ym maes ffiseg a'r gofod - SXPS288
Demonstrating practice in health sciences - SZL110
Environment: journeys through a changing world - U116
The environmental web - U316
BSc (Hons) Applied Science - XSXY130