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Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences encompasses six disciplines: economics, geography, POLIS (Politics and International Studies), social policy & criminology, psychology, and sociology. Social sciences also hosts the university module Environment (U216).

Core modules introduce the central ideas of each discipline and are key components in gaining the main honours degree in social sciences, the BA or BSc (Hons) Combined Social Sciences, a broad-based degree that allows students to mix and match courses. The Faculty’s modules also contribute to several interfaculty degrees including:

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Computing with Psychological Studies
  • BA/BSc (Hons) Environmental Studies
  • BA/BSc (Hons) International Studies
  • BA/BSc (Hons) Economics and Mathematical Studies
  • BA/BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychological Studies
  • BA/BSc (Hons) Social Policy and Criminology
  • BA/BSc Politics, Philosophy and Economics

The Faculty has also launched two new Foundation Degrees: the FD in Financial Services and the FD in Counselling.

This sporting planet - D170
Contemporary Wales - D172
Changing geographies of the United Kingdom D225
Daearyddiaeth newidiol y Deyrnas Unedig - D225
Counselling: exploring fear and sadness - D240
Cwnsela: archwilio ofn a thristwch - D240
Exploring mental health and counselling - D241
Archwilio iechyd meddwl a chwnsela - D241
Investigating the social world - D822
Exploring sustainability (dissertation) - D836
Community safety, crime prevention and social control - D863
Forensic psychology: crime, offenders and policing - D872
Development, Policy and Practice - D890
Datblygiad, Polisi ac Arfer - D890
Understanding media - DA204
You and your money - DB125
Chi a'ch Arian - DB125
Personal investment in an uncertain world - DB234
Introducing the social sciences - DD102
Cyflwyniad i'r gwyddorau cymdeithasol - DD102
Investigating the social world - DD103
Archwilio'r byd cymdeithasol -  DD103 
Introduction to Criminology - DD105
Cyflwyniad i Droseddeg - DD105
Economics in Context - DD126

Economeg mewn cyd-destun - DD126                              
Introducing the social sciences – part two - DD132
The uses of social science - DD206
Running the economy - DD209
Cynnal yr economi - DD209
Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary - DD210
Seicoleg byw: o faterion bob dydd i faterion anhygoel - DD210
Understanding politics: Ideas and institutions in the modern world - DD211
Deall gwleidyddiaeth: Syniadau a sefydliadau yn y byd modern - DD211
Understanding criminology - DD212
Deall Troseddeg - DD212
Environment and Society - DD213
Amgylchedd a chymdeithas - DD213
Social Research: Crime, Justice and Society - DD215
Ymchwil Gymdeithasol: Trosedd, Cyfiawnder a Chymdeithas - DD215
Understanding digital societies - DD218
Deall cymdeithasau digidol - DD218
Economics in Practice - DD226
Economeg Ymarferol - DD226
Crime and justice - DD301
Trosedd a Chyfiawnder - DD301
Understanding cities - DD304
Personal lives and social policy - DD305
Living political ideas - DD306
Making social worlds - DD308
Creu bydoedd cymdeithasol - DD308
Doing economics: people, markets and policy - DD309
Cyflawni economeg: pobl, marchnadoedd a pholisïau - DD309
Counselling and forensic psychology: Investigating crime and therapy - DD310
Cwnsela a seicoleg fforensig: Ymchwilio i drosedd a therapi - DD310
Crime, harm and state - DD311
Troseddau, niwed a'r wladwriaeth - DD311
International relations: continuity and change in global politics - DD313
Cysylltiadau rhyngwladol: parhad a newid mewn gwleidyddiaeth fyd-eang - DD313
Modern Political Ideas - DD316
Syniadau Gwleidyddol Modern - DD316
Advancing social psychology - DD317
Datblygu seicoleg gymdeithasol – DD317
Environmental policy in an international context - DD319
Polisi amgylcheddol mewn cyd-destun rhyngwladol - DD319
Principles of social and psychological inquiry - DD801
Egwyddorion Ymholiad Cymdeithasol a Seicolegol - DD801
Investigating forensic psychology -DD802
Ymchwilio i seicoleg fforensig - DD802
Evaluating psychology: research and practice - DD803
Gwerthuso seicoleg: ymchwil ac ymarfer - DD803
Crime and global justice - DD804
Trosedd a chyfiawnder byd-eang - DD804
Understanding Global Development -  DD870
Deall Datblygiad Byd-eang - DD870
Key Challenges in Global Development - DD871
Newidiadau Allweddol yn Natblygiad Byd-eang - DD871
Investigating psychology 1 - DE100
Ymchwilio i seicoleg 1 - DE100
Investigating psychology 2 - DE200
Ymchwilio i seicoleg 2 - DE200

Investigating psychology 3 - DE300
Ymchwilio i seicoleg 3 - DE300
Discovering psychology - DSE141
Environment: sharing a dynamic planet - DST206
Earth in crisis: environmental policy in an international context - DU311
International development: making sense of a changing world - TD223