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The duties of an associate lecturer include

  • providing correspondence tuition, assessing students' work according to given marking schemes, and giving feedback to students to help them in their learning
  • providing academic support through face-to-face, telephone or electronic teaching methods
  • monitoring the progress of students on their module, including making contact with students who do not submit assignments and authorising the late submission of assignments where appropriate
  • being a first point of contact for students for module-related and study-related advice and support, facilitating study groups where appropriate, and referring other matters or enquiries to Student Services and regionally based faculty staff
  • making contact with all students to welcome them to the module and, for students new to the OU, providing an introduction to the OU's method of supported open learning
  • helping with the development of study skills in connection with the module
  • making proactive contact with students at a number of defined points in the module (e.g. first assignment, examination support)
  • identifying individual student needs for additional support, and either referring students directly to Student Services for information and advice or contacting Student Services or regionally/nationally based faculty staff to initiate follow-up action
  • providing feedback through a variety of mechanisms (e.g. survey response, attendance at debriefings) on the student learning experience
  • taking part in staff development activities to maintain and enhance professional experience and commitment to personal development
  • using ICT, when appropriate, for teaching and supporting students, accessing information to undertake duties in relation to students, facilitating contact with academic units, and dealing with administrative contact and communications with the OU.

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