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BBSRC Data Management Plans


BBSRC recognises the importance of contributing to the growing international efforts in data sharing. BBSRC is committed to getting the best value for the funds we invest and believes that making research data more readily available will reinforce open scientific enquiry and stimulate new investigations and analyses. BBSRC supports the view that data sharing should be led by the scientific community and driven by scientific need.

BBSRC Data Sharing Policy


All applications seeking research grant funding from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) must submit a Data Management Plan (DMP). This should include concise plans for data management and sharing as part of the research grant proposal or provide explicit reasons why data sharing is not possible or appropriate. The DMP will be included in applications as a separate mandatory attachment no longer than one page in length. Applicants must not use this space allocation for any other purpose - as this will result in rejection of the proposal.

Example Data Management Plan

Plan for a BBSRC Tools and Resources Development Fund (TRDF) Grant​ (Dr Laurent Gatto, University of Cambridge)

DMP published in the RIO journal by Dr Laurent Gatto at the University of Cambridge.

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