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Data Champion: Emma Dewberry

Senior Lecturer in Design, STEM – Engineering and Innovation


Research interests: My research focuses on Design for Sustainability. I address the spaces afforded by design thinking and practice in creating responses that foster new, visible and effective relationships between people and planet. Areas of interest include: design ecologies; sustainable innovation (product, service, systems); eco-literacy and sustainable education; sustainable production and consumption.

My data: My research utilises interview data, data from workshops (particularly visual mapping techniques), diary and narrative and the beginnings of exploring big data in framing research questions. I am keen to use artefacts more, both in developing research narratives and in recording research outcomes.

Why I became a Data Champion: I am grappling at the edges of managing data in research and, as an active participant in post-graduate communities, wanted to be better informed about different types of data and how it should be managed and archived. I also want to understand what opportunities exist for thinking creatively about data and the values we associate with it.

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