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Postgraduate Researcher’s Guide to using ORDO

What is ORDO?

Open Research Data Online (ORDO) is The Open University's research data repository, based upon the Figshare platform. Data stored in ORDO will be kept for a minimum of ten years after project completion; published data will be given a DataCite digital object identifier (DOI), providing a permanent, citable web link to help you get recognition for your work.

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What can I use it for?

Although ORDO can be used for the storage of live research data, there are likely to be other storage options that will be more suitable (e.g. OneDrive), since ORDO offers limited functionality for e.g. modifying and syncing files. 

ORDO is particularly useful for archiving and publishing research data supporting a publication or once a project is completed. 

We recommend that students transfer data from their chosen storage location to ORDO before leaving the Open University, since access to OneDrive and network storage will be lost when you cease to be a student.

What data should I upload?

It is not possible for all digital data to be kept forever and it is good practice to be selective in what is archived. The Library Research Support website has more guidance on preparing data for sharing.

If you are working with personal data, you will also need to ensure you meet ethical and legal obligations around data storage and sharing. A combination of gaining consent for sharing, de-identifying or anonymising personal data, and controlling access, can ensure long term access to sensitive data. Further guidance on ethics and data protection can be found on the Library Research Support website.

There are two options for data storage in ORDO:

  1. You can choose to publish the item record (metadata file) as well as the underlying data you upload;
  2. You can publish the item record but keep the data files you upload private.

How do I maintain access to my files when I leave the OU?

If you choose to publish your underlying data in ORDO so that it is publicly accessible, you will have continued access to your data for as long as it is stored in ORDO (currently a minimum of 10 years).

If you decide to keep the underlying data files private, you will need to ask for your ORDO access to be copied to a private Figshare account to allow continued access. Please upload your data files to ORDO and contact the Library Research Support team to request a change to a private account. 

Further guidance on working with ORDO

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