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Importing references to EndNote

Getting your references into EndNote

There are four ways of entering references into an EndNote Library:

  • enter references manually
  • use the import filters supplied with EndNote to import reference data downloaded from the database - filters ensure that all the data ends up in the right EndNote reference field. In order to import references successfully, make sure that your search results are downloaded from the database properly, and that you use the right filter. Instructions on how to do this for specific library databases are given below
  • use the connection files supplied with EndNote to connect and search directly from EndNote into the database, and download references into your EndNote references library. Some of the services with connection files may be password protected, and you will only be able to access them if the Library has a subscription.
  • use the direct export option from the database (e.g.Web of Science) to drop references directly into your EndNote Library.

Connection files and import filters

The majority of the filters and connection files come with the EndNote application - choose Import Filters or Connection Files from the Edit menu within EndNote to access the Filter Manager and the Connection Manager. If the filter or connection file you need is not there, go to the supplier's web site to download extra connection files or import filters.

Below is a list of the library's databases which can be used with EndNote. Where required, filters and connection files have been included for you to download. EndNote recommends checking every third downloaded reference before importing into your EndNote library as not all fields will display correctly when imported. There are some demonstration videos of how EndNote works with specific databases on the EndNote Training channel on YouTube.

More information is available on EndNote Reference styles at the bottom of this page.

How to search for the full text of articles contained within an EndNote X6 or X7 library

  1. Within EndNote X6 or X7 at Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text, make sure the DOI and Open url boxes are checked.
  2. Enter OpenURL: and Authenticate url: into the available boxes and click ok.
  3. Select a group of references and at References > Find full text, click on Find full text to start the search process.


EndNote comes with over 600 reference styles - choose Output Styles from the Edit menu within EndNote to access the Style Manager and see what is available. If the style you need is not there, you have different options:

  • go to the supplier's web site to download extra style files
  • customise a style to meet your own needs (you will need to follow the instructions in the EndNote manual).