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Info-Rate has been discontinued as of 2 September 2020. Please visit Being Digital for a collection of short, easy to follow activities to help you develop essential skills for study, work and lifelong learning.

Are your information skills up to speed?

Info-Rate is an online tool designed to help Open University students and staff review and develop their information skills; the set of skills required to locate, evaluate and cite information effectively.

Info-Rate consists of four short questionnaires each covering a different aspect of information skills:

  1. Know your sources
  2. Know your search tools
  3. Plan and carry out your search
  4. Filter and evaluate your results and acknowledge your sources

Info-Rate provides instant feedback on the answers provided, plus a summary of your current skill level with links to relevant learning materials for skills development. Many of these links take you to specific parts of Safari - the Library’s online information skills tutorial.