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What is the Digilab and who can use it?

Home Help and Support What is the Digilab and who can use it?

The Digilab is a colourful, energising meeting room with a sofa instead of a board room table.

The glass boards around the room allow you to write on the walls - great for planning and mind-mapping. In addition to the usual projector and PC Digilab has a 55" touchscreen connected to a Mac Mini which can be used to run an iPhone or iPad simulator for demonstrating OU apps. There are also two iMacs and an additional PC which can be used to access the OU staff network.

Digilab is available to any member of Open University staff, including Associate Lecturers and PhD students, at any time when the Library is open, you can check this on our Opening hours page. The room can be booked up to two weeks in advance through the Estates Resource Scheduler. You can also use the Resource Scheduler to check whether the room is busy.

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