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Library Services organises a series of research seminars exploring subjects relevant to information and teaching and learning professionals.

The aim of these seminars is to encourage the sharing of knowledge on a range of topics: elearning, learner support, open access, interoperability, digital libraries, metadata, information literacy, new technologies etc.

Open University staff and members of the Milton Keynes Learning City Libraries Network are welcome to attend.

If you would like to receive notifications of forthcoming seminars and are a member of OU staff or a full-time research student you can join this list and manage your subscription to it via:

If you are not a member of the OU and would like to subscribe to the Library Seminars email list then please contact: Library-Services.

If you would like to offer yourself as a speaker or have any suggestions regarding the seminars programme then please contact the organisers via Library-Services.

With the presenters’ consent, we video record our Library seminars (including any questions during the seminar) and make them available on the internet. The seminar audience confirm their agreement to this by entering the location and attending the seminar.


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Jun 30

Introduction to Library Services

Wednesday, 30 June, 2021 - 20:00

Learn about the online library, how to find help and support, and how to access key services to help with your studies or work at the OU.

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