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Publishers opening access in response to coronavirus

Home News Publishers opening access in response to coronavirus

You might have become aware that in response to the coronavirus pandemic, many publishers have temporarily enabled access to more of their content.

While this is potentially a great thing for many students and researchers and other academics, especially where access to print at other libraries has been lost, we wanted to let you know why it is not all immediately available or visible in Library Search.

  1. We already have fantastic online content that has been hand-picked and evaluated by library staff working closely with Faculties to meet the OU’s needs.
  2. The situation is changing and complex, with different arrangements for individual publishers and titles.
  3. We are working to assess what has been made available and enable access where we can. This additional access is temporary and in some cases for a very limited time period (e.g. 1 month).
  4. Content that has been made available without Library Services having to request it will appear if you are searching in a particular database or on publisher websites without us doing anything but the titles will not appear in Library Search unless we assess that they should. 

If you become aware of a resource that has been made open but which requires the Library to enable the access please contact the Library Helpdesk and we will assist.