Transcript for Being digital: Developing

essential skills for study, work and life online

I’d been doing the same job for a long time now and I really wanted a change. I spotted a great opening,

but it said I would need to be really confident communicating online.

I would be using social media such as twitter. I thought only celebrities did that! It’s a global organisation,

which sounds really exciting. But a key part of the job would be to communicate with colleagues in

different countries using various online tools. I didn’t know where to start!

How could I be more digital?…digital

I came across a useful looking site by the OU Library, called Being digital, and I thought I’d take a look.

Not only did it cover the areas I needed, but I could clearly see which activities would be most useful for

building my online communication skills. I learnt how to manage my digital identity and use the right online

tools to communicate with other people.

Now I can search effectively online, post to my favourite blog ‘’ and write a cracking

tweet! And because the activities were in short chunks I could easily fit them into my day. Not only did this

help me get the job I wanted but I also found out how to organise my online files so I could access them

anywhere. Brilliant!

Summary screens: Being digital is a collection of short, interactive activities to help you develop essential

skills for study, work and life online. Try ‘being digital’ for yourself

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Being digital is freely available to anyone.

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