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How to use MyReferences

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Moving away from RefWorks and My References

The OU has made a decision to move away from supporting RefWorks and its dependent MyReferences service by 31 March 2016.

See the Bibliographic Management page for more details.

How do I attend?

This session is no longer available

What was MyReferences?

MyReferences was a Bibliography management tool which is freely available to OU staff and students.

Who is the session for?

Any OU student or member of staff can attend this session.


MyReferences was an Open University tool that will help you to organise your references and create a bibliography in an approved citation style. This session will show you the basics of storing and retrieving references. MyReferences' simple interface is ideal if you are new to referencing and would like to use an automated tool.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session you should:

  • Know what MyReferences is and how it can save you time
  • Know how to save references to MyReferences
  • Know how to get references out of MyReferences