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Martial Arts Club

Male and female performing Karate kicks

The Martial Arts Club currently runs classes in Aikido and Karate. New members, including beginners, are welcome to come and watch or participate - the first lesson is free. We have been able to help provide other forms of Martial Arts classes in the past and may do so again in the future, if the interest and qualified instructors are available.

Aikido is a martial art which uses the oncoming energy of an attacker to dissipate the attack and control the situation. The goal is not usually to incapacitate or injure an attacker (although aikido techniques can be very powerful) but to protect against aggression and be confident in neutralising any attack.

Aikido is based around calm, smooth movements, throws and locks, rather than strikes or kicks. As it uses an attacker’s energy against them, it can be effective even when there are great differences in size and physical strength.

When truly mastered, the art can be soft and subtle, seeming to move in harmony with the attacker until they are thrown away, often without realising how this was achieved.

The club is linked with Kai Shin Kai aikido, based in Aylesbury. More information on this club is available through their website.



Pete Landsberg,, ex 58343

DJ Walford,, 07380 961845

Tuesdays, 5.50pm - 7.30pm

Wednesdays, 8.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue OU Church
Membership Fee & Insurance £35 new
£30 annual renewal
Training Fee Voluntary donation

Classes in Traditional Shotokan Karate-do, are given by Sensei Chris Gillies(5th Dan SKKIF) following the guidance and philosophy of the renowned Japanese Karate Master, Hirokazu Kanazawa Kancho, (10th Dan. SKKIF/SKIF Japan)

Training offers a solid grounding in Traditional Shotokan Karate Do covering all aspects including Kihon(Basic techniques), Kumite(All levels of sparring/pairwork) and Kata(all levels of forms), utilizing a teaching structure that aims to bring out the best in Karate students of all ages and abilities.

Shotokan Karate has been proven to improve and maintain fitness , flexibility, speed, strength,self-awareness and discipline.

SKKIF licence holders have the opportunity to undertake grading examinations at the OU Karate Club, and can have the benefit of access to all SKKIF Club/National /International courses and competitions, and will also have access annually to visiting instructors to the UK from SKIF(Headquarters) Honbu Dojo Tokyo, Japan.

Sensei Chris Gillies is registered SKKIF 5th Dan examiner,and has himself undertaken examinations,and Gasshuku, both here and in Japan under Kanazawa Hirokazu Kancho (10th Dan SKIF Japan),and has experience in both National ,and World Championship Karate Competitions. The Club is affiliated to Shotokan Karate Kanazawa International Federation.

For further information please feel free to call in to view or participate in classes or visit the website .



Chris Gillies, 07790 387943,


Wednesdays, 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Fridays, 8.00pm - 10.00pm


Venue OU Church
Membership Fee & Insurance £35 per year
Training Fee £2.00
£1.00 for concessions