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Dr Anna Gawlewicz

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Professional biography

I currently wear two hats: I am a Lecturer in Geography at the Open University and a Lecturer in Public Policy and Research Methods at the University of Glasgow. My work is broadly concerned with the issues of international migration, social diversity/difference and wellbeing. I hold a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Sheffield, UK and a combined BSc + MSc in International Relations and European Studies from the Cracow University of Economics, Poland.

I am a co-organiser of the RSA-funded research network PostCEE connecting researchers working on postcolonial and decolonial perspectives on Central and Eastern Europe.

I have worked extensively on research projects including, among others:

  • the Migrant Essential Workers project (as a Co-Investigator) funded by the ESRC/UKRI (2020-2022) and co-led by Prof. Sharon WrightDr Kasia Narkowicz and Dr Aneta Piekut investigating health, social, economic and cultural impacts of Covid-19 on migrant essential workers in the UK. To explore these issues with an adequate level of nuance and detail, the project focuses on one prominent migrant group, Polish migrants, as a case study.  
  • the Living Together project (as a Principal investigator) funded by the Urban Studies Foundation (2017-2019) exploring encounters between Polish migrants and the long-settled population in the East End of Glasgow in the context of Brexit. In a wider perspective, this project looks at migrant-'host' encounters in rapidly changing urban areas and how institutional and political 'hostile environments' affect these encounters.  
  • the Intimate Migrations project (as a Research Associate) funded by the ESRC and led by Dr Francesca Stella (2015-2017) looking at the experiences of LGBT migrants from Central and Eastern Europe in Scotland. In a wider perspective, this project focuses on the role of sexuality in decisions to migrate, LGBT migrants’ sense of belonging in home and host societies, and their social networks.
  • the LiveDifference project funded by the ERC (as a PhD Candidate) and led by Prof. Gill Valentine (2010-2014) investigating the nature of encounters with difference in two distinctive European contexts: the UK and Poland. As part of my PhD, I explored how migration from Poland to the UK impacts on people’s values and attitudes towards difference in terms of ethnicity, religion, class, sexuality, gender, age and disability.  

Research interests

1) International migration

  • Migration and Covid-19, Brexit and hostile environments
  • Migrant-‘host’ encounters/relations 
  • Migration and the city: migrant city-making
  • Social diversity: attitudes to/encounters with difference
  • Transnational circulation of ideas: social remittances
  • Migration and language: migrant language of difference
  • Migration and sexuality: queer migration
  • Post/decolonial approaches to researching migration
  • Central and East European/Polish migration to the UK

2) Wellbeing

  • Mental health and employment
  • Migration and mental health 

3) Qualitative methodologies

  • Translation in research methods
  • Position/positionality of migrant researcher
  • Reflexive and intersectional methodologies

Teaching interests

I am currently involved in the production of two modules:

  • D325: Researching Geographies of Change
  • D225: Changing Geographies, Changing Britain

I am also involved in the delivery of:

  • U116: Environment: Journeys through a Changing World
  • DD102: Introducing the Social Sciences


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Lived Experiences of Mental Health Problems and Welfare Conditionality (2020-09-30)
Stewart, Alasdair B. R.; Gawlewicz, Anna; Bailey, Nick; Katikireddi, S. Vittal and Wright, Sharon
University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

Analysis Protocol: Constructions of Mental Health and Problematic Alcohol Use Within UK’s Health and Welfare Policy (2020-09)
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Ties that bind, or ties that count? The pressure on EU citizens to be ‘deserving’ migrants (2020-06-03)
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