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Experimental verification of consistency of micro-silica glass bead thermoluminescent detectors for mixed gamma/neutron irradiation (2021-02)
Bindu, P. Hima; Termsuk, C.; Hubbard, M.W.J.; Ley, K.; Taggart, M.P. and Lohstroh, A.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 179, Article 109210

An implantation Diamond detector as a beam monitor for an intense radioactive ion beam (2020-12)
Rojo, J. S.; Diget, C. Aa.; de Séréville, N.; Assié, M.; Lemasson, A.; Ramos, D.; Lohstroh, A. and Reardon, C.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1643, Article 12040(1)

Development of a novel and low-cost anthropomorphic pelvis phantom for 3D dosimetry in radiotherapy. (2020)
Babaloui, Somayyeh; Jafari, Shakardokht; Polak, Wojciech; Ghorbani, Mahdi; Hubbard, Michael WJ; Lohstroh, Annika; Shirazi, Alireza and Jaber, Ramin
Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy, 12(5) (pp. 470-479)

Suitability of a SiPM photodetector for implementation in an automated thermoluminescent dosimeter reader (2019-08)
Taggart, M.P.; Charoupa, A.; Hubbard, M.W.J.; Jafari, S.M.; Lohstroh, A. and Stroud, M.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 161 (pp. 42-47)

Feasibility of using Micro Silica Bead TLDs for 3D dosimetry in brachytherapy
Babaloui, Somayyeh; Jafari, Shakardokht; Palmer, Antony L; Polak, Wojciech; Hubbard, Michael; Skopidou, Theodora; Lohstroh, Annika and Jaberi, Ramin
In : Radiotherapy and Oncology (26-30 Apr 2019) (S1185-S1186)