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Professor David Male

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Professional biography

Cell Biologist with research and teaching interests in the fields of neuroimmunology and vascular cell biology.

Professor of Biology, since 1999.

Research interests

Our current research is on the development of nanoparticles as carriers for therapeutic cytokines and transgenes into the CNS. We have shown that gold nanocarriers efficiently cross brain endothelium in vitro and enter the CNS in vivo. We also work on targeting systems for nanocarriers, using peptides directed against receptors on the endothelial cells. We are now optimising the attachment of therapeutic cargo molecules to the nanocarriers, and improving targeting to glial cells in the CNS. The most recent work involves the development of a blood-brain barrier model using endothelium differentiated from human stem cells. This work has been  supported by our Industrial partners Midatech Pharma plc and Medimmune, Sheffield Hospital Trust and the European Union, Innovative medicines initiative.

Previous research has been primarily concerned with the mechanisms by which immune reactions and inflammation develop in the CNS, and the way in which leukocyte migration into the brain is controlled. To understand inflammation in the brain we have undertaken a great deal of work on the blood brain barrier and brain vascular endothelial cells. We have developed several in vitro tissue culture systems to investigate the mechanisms by which brain endothelium differentiates and the role of transcription factors. Earlier studies investigated how inflammatory cytokines and micro-RNAs affect the barrier properties of brain endothelium.


Teaching interests

I have a particular interest in the use of multimedia for  developing virtual laboratories, and have lead work on the development of virtual microscopes for the OpenScience laboratory. These include a JISC-funded slide collection 'Histology and Histopathology (320 sections) and a collection for teaching A-level biology (100 sections), which was funded by the Wolfson Trust. This resource has now been developed and incorporated into a MOOC Histology and histopathology: Disease under the microscope.

I am author and editor of a number of text books and CD-ROMs on basic  and clinical Immunology.

I currently teach  Infectious Disease, (SK320), and contribute  as section on gene transcription and translation to the level-3 bioscience course (S317). When our teaching labs reopen, I will be tutoring on the level-3 practical course SS032, again. I have also contributed sections on immunological techniques in two new courses S285 (genetic variation in cytochromes) and S290 (autoimmunity and autoimmune disease). These courses both include  extensive sets of virtual laboratory experiments based on the ELISA and qPCR techniques. I maintain external teaching commitments in neuroimmunology on MSc courses at the Institute of Psychiatry, (KCH) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.



External collaborations

We have worked closely with Midatech Pharma plc on the development of gold nanocarriers for the CNS and with Medimmune on targeting systems for brain endothelium.  This work has also been supported by Sheffield Hospital Trust, and we have external collaborators at the University of Bristol.


We are collaborating with Prof Mehmet Kaya,  Koc University, Istanbul, on nanocarrier delivery to the brain. We have recently hosted visiting researchers and a PhD student from the Universities of Madrid and Barcelona, as well as four visiting B.Tech students from ENSTBB (Bordeaux).

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Biomedical Research Network (BRN)NetworkFaculty of Science


Externally funded projects

Investigating Mechanisms and Models Predictive of Accessibility of Therapeutics Into The Brain Acronym
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01 Jan 201931 Dec 2023EC (European Commission): FP (inc. Horizon Europe, H2020, ERC)


BtRAIN (Brain Barriers training) - To understand the brain barriers
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Sep 201531 Aug 2019EC (European Commission): FP (inc. Horizon Europe, H2020, ERC)

The general aim of the current proposal is to the function of the neurovascular unit across species and the impact of several conditions (development, inflammation, ageing, exposure to drugs)on the function of the blood-brain barriers. The aims are: 1. Prediciting brain barrier function using in vitro BBB models 2. Brain barriers signature in vertrebrates 3. Brain barriers as therapeutic and diagnostic target The OU will lead the project within the BtRAIN network focused on age-associated changes in gene and microRNA expression at the blood-brain barrier. See the network webpage


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Brain endothelial miR-146a negatively modulates T-cell adhesion through repressing multiple targets to inhibit NF-κB activation. (2015-03-01)
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