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Freya Wise

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Professional biography

I have a BSC(hons) in Environmental/Earth Science from The Open University and a MLitt in Warstudies from The University of Glasgow. I started my PhD with The Open University in October 2018 and I am combining these these two areas of interest though my project.

My PhD is looking at ways to reduce whole life energy and carbon emissions from heritage buildings while retaining their heritage values. I am investigating three broad areas: The whole life energy and carbon impact of different retrofit options; the acceptability of these options to heritage building residents and the energy behaviours and comfort perspectives of these residents and how this effects the current building performance. My fieldwork is focussed on the English county of Cumbria including the Lake District National Park Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site. 

Research interests

I am interested in sustainability and climate change mitigation with a particular focus on the built environment, energy usage reduction and renewable energy. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research which combines the what and how of hard science with some of the why of social science. 

I am also interested in history, especially military history from ancient times through to the 18th century with a focus on naval warfare, ship design, logistics and military leadership. Military history is a product of it's society so I am also interested in how the social, political and technical history intersects with military developments.

Impact and engagement

I am interested in explaining research in a clear and accessible way to non-specialist audiences as only then will it have real world impact. I have written a number of articles aimed at non specialist audiences for Open Learn, The Open University's Design Group Blog, and produced several short animiated videos descibing my reseearch in an engaging manner, I have also spoken at a number of non academic events for UK interest groups such as Society for the Protection of Ancient Builidngs. I am a member of a LETI working group on the social dimensions of retrofit and have contributed evidence to industry publiciations and government consultations. 


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Reducing carbon from heritage buildings: the importance of residents’ views, values and behaviours (2021-06)
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Considering embodied energy and carbon in heritage buildings – a review (2019)
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