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Dr Gareth Williams

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Mayer-Vietoris sequences and equivariant K-theory rings of toric varieties (2019)
Holm, Tara S. and Williams, Gareth
Homology, Homotopy and Applications, 21(1) (pp. 375-401)

Academic and pastoral teams working in partnership to support distance learning students according to curriculum area (2019)
Hilliam, Rachel and Williams, Gareth
Higher Education Pedagogies, 4(1) (pp. 32-40)

Perceptions of Online Tutorials for Distance Learning in Mathematics and Computing (2016-07-22)
Lowe, Tim; Mestel, Ben and Williams, Gareth
Research in Learning Technology, 24, Article 30630

Friends in high places (2010-01)
Williams, Gareth and Webster, Roger
Mathematical Spectrum, 42(2) (pp. 54-58)

Poincaré duality for K-theory of equivariant complex projective spaces (2008-01)
Greenlees, J. P. C. and Williams, G. R.
Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 50(1) (pp. 111-127)

Poincaré and his infamous conjecture (2008-01)
Williams, Gareth
Mathematical Spectrum, 40(2) (pp. 50-55)

Developing students’ academic literacy and mathematical self-efficacy through multi-media learning resources (2009)
Deane, Mary; Samuels, Peter and Williams, Gareth
In : 6th LDHEN Symposium (Apr 2009, University of Bournemouth)