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Javier Ruiz Ramos

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I am a Forest engineer with broad interests in the use of GIS and Remote Sensing for monitoring natural landscapes. My PhD project aims to highlight the capabilities of Synthetic Aperture Radar - SAR satellite sensors for detecting disturbances in the world's forests; with a focus on the investigation of forest transformations associated with human socio-economic activities (e.g. logging, windthrows, flood, wildfires). This research combines different datasets acquired by multiple space-borne and airborne sensors (Lidar, radar, optical) together with ground measurements in order to perform a thorough investigation of the qualitative and quantitive losses derived from changes occurred in forests. 

I previously completed my Master's degree at Kingston University London in Geographical Information Systems and Science where I developed a strong interest in the area of Earth Observation and Environmental Conservation. For my master's final project, I focused on merging historical GIS and environmental data with socioeconomic factors for assessing the environmental concerns associated with the abusive exploitation of the protected aquifer of the Doñana National park.