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Dr Laura Swift

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Professional biography

I studied for my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Magdalen College, Oxford. I then taught in Oxford as a Junior Research Fellow (Trinity College, 2006-9) and as a Lecturer in Classics (New College, 2009-10), and subsequently held a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at UCL (2010-12), before coming to the OU in April 2012.

I was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship in 2012, which I held at the Freie Universität zu Berlin, and in 2015 won a Philip Leverhulme Prize, awarded by the Leverhulme Trust to 'recognise the achievement of outstanding researchers'.

Research interests

My current research focuses on fragmentary texts and how we deal with them as scholars and readers. I have recently published the first complete commentary on the seventh-century BC poet Archilochus (2019), who in antiquity was considered one of the most important poets and rated second only to Homer. I have also published on other lyric authors including Sappho and Stesichorus, and am currently editing a Blackwell Companion to Greek Lyric Poetry.

In recent years I have been working with contemporary theatre-makers on their process and practice, and my research interests have incorporated the psychology of making creative work, especially around the theme of fragmentation, how it acts as a creative stimulus, and how we can represent it artistically.

My other major research interest is Greek tragedy, and in particular on the relationship between the tragic chorus and other types of choral song performed in Greek society. My book The Hidden Chorus (2010) argued for the central importance of choral song as a cultural tool in Greek society, and suggested a reading of tragedy that placed as much weight on the musical contexts of fifth-century Athens as much scholars have traditionally placed on historical or political ones. I have also published more broadly on tragedy, including an introduction to Greek tragedy (2016) and a book on Euripides' Ion (2008).


Teaching interests

I have taught widely on topics covering both Greek and Latin languages and literature. I have am currently Chair of our Latin language and literature course (A276), for which I authored material on Augustan literature, and have produced material on Homer and the early Greek world for our module Exploring the classical World (A229), and am currently authoring a portion of our upcoming module on Greek myth (A350). I have also been involved in the module teams for the previous version of Exploring the Classical World (A219) and Reading Classical Greek: Language and Literature (A275).

Impact and engagement

I am currently collaborating with theatre company Potential Difference to create a piece of modern theatre inspired by fragmentary plays of Euripides, and by the ways we experience fragmentation in our own world. This began life as a showing in 2014 November as part of the Being Human Festival, the UK's first national festival of the Humanities. The second stage of the project involved further creative development and work-in-progress showings at Ovalhouse, London and The Old Fire Station, Oxford in autumn 2017. We are working towards a full production in 2022. For more information, see here.

This collaboration has also led to an exploration of theatre-making and liveness during the pandemic, and what is lost when live events cannot take place. This led to a one-off performance in November 2020, and a self-guided audio-tour, as part of British Academy Summer Showcase, in June 2021. The audio-tour will soon be available in digital version.

I have also participated in a range of other engagement projects which aim to bring Classics to a wider audience. For example, I acted as academic consultant to the National Theatre’s production of Antigone, and have been involved in the Mayor of London’s “Love Latin” scheme, which aims to bring classical topics to children at London state schools. I speak regularly at schools and sixth form conferences, and am happy to be contacted directly by teachers.


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