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Dr Rafaela Vasiliadou

Profile summary

Professional biography

Lecturer in Biological Chemistry, Open University 

Post Doctoral Research Associate, Univerity College London

High Throughput Enzyme Assay Development Researcher, University of Leeds

PhD in Chemistry, University of Hull



Research interests

My Research is interdisciplinary combining the areas of Chemistry, Biology and Microengineering. Particularly, I am interested on microfluidic development, electrochemistry,  protometabolism and reactive drug metabolism.


Applied Research

Current Research on Microfluidics (ongoing projects)

1) Internship 2021 funded by LHCS, Open University - Principal Investigator

Drug metabolism is an important part of drug development because reactive metabolites can be formed. Reactive metabolites can induce mild to severe side effects to the human population. Thus, In vitro and in vivo studies are conducted to evaluate the safety of a new drug. During the process, human metabolism is mimicked and the reactive metabolites are detected and excluded from clinical studies (humans). However, the process is tedious and still there is a high demand for developing new drugs in childhood oncology. An alternative approach for mimicking drug metabolism is through microfluidic electrochemistry. Microfluidics are tiny devices typically within the range of millimetres that investigate the behaviour of fluids through micro-channels. Electrochemical methods are ideal since most of metabolic reactions are oxidations and reductions. The combination of microfluidics with electrochemistry provides a pure instrumental approach for generating reactive metabolites just in a few minutes.

2) Synergy Fund 2021 by LHCS , Open Unverisity -Principal Investigator

Developement of an integrated microluidic device to investigate drug metabolism, metabolic pathways and drug analysis.


Research Supervision:

Miss Isobel Grint - BSc Natural Sciences (Chemistry), Open Univsersity                                                   2021


Past research on Microfluidics (completed projects)

An orgin of life chip and prebiotic vectorial electochemistry, University College London

A disposable microfluidic device  with a screen -printed electrode for mimicking phase II metabolism, University of Hull

DNA analysis at a crime scene: An integrated chip, University of Hull


Past research on Drug Discovery and Development (completed projects)

Identification of Aminopeptidase Inhibitors for Cancer Drug Discovery and Development, University of Leeds


Educational research

Focused on the impact of COVID-19 in academia-Principal Investigator

The global crisis of COVID-19 has affected largerly the tertiary education. Virtual laboratories is an essential tool for practical based subjuects like Chemistry and Biology.

Teaching interests

S111 Questions in Science

S285 Investigative Approaches in Biology and Chemistry (Module production team)

SXHL288 Practical science: Biology and Health


Impact and engagement

Quest Editor JoVE (Miniaturization of Biochemical and Chemical Techniques)

Women in Chemistry (2020)-Open University

Conducting Interdisciplinary research during your PhD journey (2020)-Open University



Microfluidics: The Future and Possible Practical Applications in Greece (2021-03)
Vasiliadou, Rafaela
Athenian Academic Periodical, 1(1) (pp. 135-144)

Spontaneous assembly of redox-active iron-sulfur clusters at low concentrations of cysteine (2021)
Jordan, Sean; Ioannou, Ioannis; Rammu, Hannadi; Halpern, Aaron; Bogart, Laura; Ahn, Minkoo; Vasiliadou, Rafaela; Christodoulou, John; Marcheral, Amandine and Lane, Nick
Nature Communications, 12, Article 5925

Virtual laboratories during coronavirus (COVID ‐19) pandemic (2020)
Vasiliadou, Rafaela
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 48(5) (pp. 482-483)

Possible mechanisms of CO2 reduction by H2 via prebiotic vectorial electrochemistry (2019)
Vasiliadou, Rafaela; Dimov, Nikolay; Szitas, Nicolas; Jordan, Sean and Lane, Nick
Interface Focus, 9, Article 20190073(6)

Electrochemistry of Eugenol and its Metabolism on a Bare Screen-Printed Electrode (2018-03)
Vasiliadou, Rafaela
Athens Journal of Sciences, 5(1) (pp. 39-52)

Simulating the phase II metabolism of raloxifene on a screen-printed electrode (2017-10)
Vasiliadou, Rafaela and Welham, Kevin
Canadian Journal of Chemistry/Revue Canadienne de Chimie, 95(10) (pp. 1085-1089)

Iron catalysis at the origin of life (2017-06)
Camprubi Casas, Eloi; Jordan, Sean; Vasiliadou, Rafaela and Lane, Nick
International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Life, 69(6) (pp. 373-381)

A Disposable Microfluidic Device with a Screen Printed Electrode for Mimicking Phase II Metabolism (2016)
Vasiliadou, R.; Nasr Esfahani, M.; Brown, N. and Welham, K.
Sensors, 16(9) (p 1418)