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Dr Yao Xu

Profile summary

Professional biography

Senior Lecturer in School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences.


My research is in the area of chemistry of nucleic acids (DNA) and its applications to biological and medicinal sciences.


Research interests

Development of novel methods for the preparation of modified oligonucleotides (DNA and RNA); Application of the synthetic oligonucleotides in a wide variety of biological studies, particularly in DNA damage and repair.

Chemical synthesis and biochemical applications of base-modified DNA
We have been developing new methods for preparation of base-modified oligomers and using these modified oligomers for biological studies, in particular for DNA repair studies. A review was written to offer our insights into this type of work (see Xu, 2002) and recently a novel method was published for site-specific modification of purines in DNA (see Narukulla, Nucleic Acids Res., 2005 and Magnetic Resonance In Chemistry, 2008, Zhang, Magnetic Resonance In Chemistry, 2013 and 2016). 

Photoactivation of UVA-sensitive DNA as a novel cancer therapy
We have developed various methods for chemical synthesis of DNA containing thiobase (4-thiothymine and 6-thioguanine) at the predetermined positions. The thiobases are sensitive to UVA light (the UV light with the wavelength over 320 nm). Our recent exploration of these thiobase DNA resulted in exciting findings that thiopurines can be readily oxidized to produce harmful radicals which cause damages to DNA and proteins (see O'Donovan, Science, 2005; Zhang, DNA repair, 2007; Ren, NAR and Photochem and photobiology, 2010, Moore, PLoS one 2017) and that the cells containing thiothymine are highly susceptible to destruction upon UVA light (See Massey, Current Biology, 2001 and DNA repair, 2002 , Harada, JPC, 2007, Reelfs, MCT, 2007, Harada, JPCL, 2010, Pridgeon, 2011 and Gemenetzidis, 2013). These findings present a novel approach for targeting cancer cells with minimal damage to normal cells. We further exploit the approach for cancer studies (see Xu, BMCL, 2004, Zhang 2015, Chemical Letters, 2015, Ge, Progress in Chemistry 2016 and Zhang, RSC Advances 2016). Recent work with Prof. Suzuki on thioguanine analogues offers new insights to their photochemistry and potential applications (Miyata, Photomedicine and Photobiol., 2018; Photochem. Photobiol., 2018; J. Phys. Chem. B, 2018; Photochem & Photobiol. Sciences, 2018).


Teaching interests

Interests in teaching Organic Chemistry, Bio-organic and Medicinal chemistry.

I am the qualification lead for Medicinal Chemistry (masters level), the course team chair for Molecules in Medicine (S807) and for Concept to Clinic (S827). A recent review by Future Medicinal Chemistry on our medicinal chemistry education can be found from the link below:

I am also the chair for undergraduate courses: Molecules, medicinas and drugs: a chemical stroy (SK185, level 1 short module) and Chemistry: essential concepts" (S215, levle 2 general chemistry).

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Biomedical Research Network (BRN)NetworkFaculty of Science


SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors: Structure-Based Enhancement to Anti-Viral Pre-Clinical GC376 Encourages Further Development (2023)
Perry, Elliot D.; Chapman, Simon and Xu, Yao-Zhong
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Adenine Quadruplexes Show Surprising Stability: Potential Implications for SARS-CoV-2 (2021-11)
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The Synthesis of (E)-4-Thio-5-(2-Bromovinyl)Uridine/Deoxyuridine and Its Characterization and Cytotoxicity (2016-08-12)
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Ge, Jiang; Feng, Luo; Yaozhong, Xu and Xiaohui, Zhang
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Synthesis of 4-thio-5-(2′′-thienyl)uridine and cytotoxicity activity against colon cancer cells in vitro (2016-07-19)
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Spotlight on medicinal chemistry education (2014)
Pitman, Simone; Xu, Yao; Taylor, Peter and Turner, Nicholas
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